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Kim DePaola’s Publicist Defends Her After Teresa Giudice Called Her A “Sewer Rat” At Real Housewives Reunion; Slams Teresa For “Blatant Disrespect” And For Fake Relationship With Melissa Gorga

The Real Housewives of New Jersey just know how to make good TV, no matter what’s going on in the world around them. And Season 11 was no different. Jennifer Aydin and her tequila. Teresa Giudice and her pineapples. Melissa Gorga and her cheese plate. Frank Catania and Joe Gorga’s literal ass-kissing. It had humor, drama and scandals all wrapped into one, from the first episode all the way to the reunion.

And this season didn’t even require leeches Danielle Staub or Kim DePaola to make an appearance and stir the pot. And frankly, it just shows these ladies are past their time. Either of them will do anything possible to get their name in the press alongside the current cast members. Beverly Danielle even hosted Instagram Lives to recap every single episode of RHONJ. If that doesn’t say thirsty, I don’t know what does.

And while RHONJ has moved beyond the need for Kim D. and her POSCHE fashion shows, she’s never going to give up a chance to run her mouth. Kim has a thing for spreading rumors, which Tre and the gang say are nothing but lies, lies, lies. During Part 2 of the reunion, Andy Cohen brought up an article where Kim D. spoke badly about Luis Ruelas’ past. The ladies didn’t want to give Kim D. the time of day, so Tre responded by saying “sewer rat… next question.” Iconic.

Kim D.’s PR agency works hard to make their client seem way more important than she actually is. Cindy Plum Agency made a post on Instagram to allow her to respond to the comments. Because we all know she’ll likely never get another chance to share her opinion on the reunion couch.


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The statement says Kim’s response to the “blatant disrespect” goes as followed: “Teresa is in no position to be calling people names! She should stop all her bragging! Unfortunately she has not learned her lesson !!!!” OK before I go on, Kim let’s chill with the exclamation points. We all know you’d be yelling this at the top of your lungs you were somehow given a chance to state your opinion that no one asked for.

The statement continued, “I always stood behind everything I’ve said !!!! And as everyone has watched throughout the years, everything I have said was true !!” In another sentence, she added, “That was a ridiculous and ignorant thing for Teresa to say.” Oh boy, I’m sure Tre is just jumping up and down at the opportunity to apologize to Kim D. NOT. Tre said whatever she’s had to say to Kim’s face, while the “sewer rat” hides behind a phone screen.


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Kim D. goes on to bring up Melissa shaking her head at the mention of her name at the reunion. “Melissa can keep shaking her head ! We all know you and Teresa can’t stand each other !!!!,” Kim wrote. “There will be a lot more truths coming out about the both of them.” Kim has been promising these “truths” for years and only spreads hearsay and weak rumors. Like, isn’t she exhausted from working so hard at trying to be relevant? Just give it a rest.


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