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Melissa Gorga Dismisses Kim DePaola’s Claim That Luis Ruelas Has A History Of Cheating And Left His Girlfriend For Teresa Giudice; Melissa Says “I Listen To Nothing Kim D. Says”

During the most recent episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey, a psychic revealed that Teresa Giudice has a boyfriend. After her former husband, Joe Giudice was deported to Italy, it was obvious that this RHONJ couple was over.

Now that their divorce was final, Teresa was hunting for a man. According to Melissa Gorga, her sister-in-law is in need of some sexual attention. And Teresa is eating lots of pineapple in preparation. I had never heard all about pineapple and it’s benefits for one’s love life. Who says Real Housewives isn’t educational?

Well, Teresa has supposedly found her soulmate in Luis “Louie” Ruelas. RHONJ viewers finally saw Luis in the trailer for the second half of the season. On December 22, 2020, Teresa posted a photo of her and her new boo on Instagram, captioning it “The BEST thing that came out of 2020.”

Apparently, everything is going so well that Luis and Teresa bought a $3.3 million dollar house together. And the duo went to the Bahamas in April of 2021 so that Luis and Joe Giudice could meet. The couple also spent time with Teresa and Joe’s four daughters. I’m sure that wasn’t awkward at all!

But some people just aren’t happy unless they are tearing others down. Enter Kim DePaola! In February of 2021, Kim D. said that she was hearing rumors from her own mouth that Luis was cheating on Teresa. Kim D. stated, “I got a message from a very good friend of mine who used to do my nails stating that he’s seeing her girlfriend, too.” She claimed to have receipts but decided she was “not getting involved.”


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Now Kim D. is at it again. Melissa recently appeared on Watch What Happens Live and she was questioned about Kim D’s newest comments about Teresa and Luis. A viewer asked, “My question for Melissa is what do you think of Kim D’s claims that Teresa’s new boyfriend has a history of cheating, that he left his new girlfriend for her, and that she finally met her narcissist match?”

In the video clip that is posted to WWHL’s Twitter account, host Andy Cohen exclaimed, “Kim D. said all that? Ohh!” Andy was salivating over the news. Melissa responded, “Oh, dear God. Yeah. I mean, listen, it’s coming from Kim D–that should say enough right there.” Point taken.

“So, she does always come with tea, but she’s always said such crap on me forever that I listen to nothing Kim D. says,” Melissa added. Let’s not forget that Kim D. was the driving force behind “strippergate.” I’ll bet that Melissa will never forget those happy times.


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Teresa’s bestie, Dolores Catania, said that Joe Giudice was a prolific cheater. I was hoping that Teresa would find a man who wouldn’t stray. And Luis also has some disturbing baggage in his past. His ex-fiancée alleged in court papers that Luis exhibited “controlling and abusive behavior.” Yikes! Maybe Teresa should have let Dolores and her boyfriend, David Principe, find her a new man.


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