Heather Thomson Isn’t Mad At Eboni K. Williams For Sharing Her Thoughts On Voting With Leah McSweeney

Heather Thomson’s random inclusion in the Real Housewives of New York cast getaway to Ramona Singer’s Hamptons house seemingly served the sole purpose of whipping Leah McSweeney up into a frenzy.  I’d venture a guess that producers were hoping the fallout from Heather’s podcast would cause more of a reaction from Luann de Lesseps or Sonja Morgan.  But the Breakfast at Tiffany’s dinner was rather tame by RHONY standards.  Ramona and Leah had a heated argument about proper decorum at the table, but that’s standard.

No, the big payoff for shoving Heather into this mess was her fight with Leah in the van.  They were going tit-for-tat the whole time, but it all came to a head when Eboni K. Williams told Leah about a conversation she had with Heather.  A little bit of misinformation, and the stress Leah was feeling about her grandmother led to an altercation on the way to Pageant night.  And ironically, the whole thing could have been avoided had Eboni not thrown in the word “irresponsible.”

Of course, Eboni quickly diffused the situation.  She clarified that Heather did not imply that people that choose not to vote are irresponsible.  Since Leah previously admitted to feeling uninspired to cast a ballot this time around, she took Heather’s comment to heart.  It took a little finesse from Eboni to get everyone to the Pageant in one piece.  And despite Heather and Leah putting that particular disagreement to rest, it doesn’t seem like these two will be building a friendship soon.

One a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen asked Heather if she was upset that Eboni’s came of telephone yielded such disastrous results.  After all, she got the brunt of Leah’s fury.  Andy asked, “Heather, were you angry at Eboni for mixing up your words about Leah’s thoughts on voting?  That really set her off and she was all over you.”


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Heather rightly pointed out that Leah was taking offense to most of the things she said during that trip, and this one just seemed a the right topic to lash out on.  “I think she was all over me anyway,” Heather replied, “and so any little, like nugget, that she could get to chew on, she as chewing on it.  We were having a responsible conversation, Eboni and I, about our real, true feelings, about the obligation to vote.  And it just got blown out of proportion.  But, hopefully Leah voted.”

Well, it’s Leah and she does not serve appropriate portions of drama.  As for Election Day, Leah didn’t give any indication as to what she decided to do.  But watching her dog run wild at Eboni’s election party was the real entertainment on last week’s episode.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]