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Eboni K. Williams Slams Heather Thomson For “Trying To Whitesplain” Following Argument With Luann de Lesseps

The Real Housewives of New York have had quite an intense (and dare I say, dragged out) trip to the Hamptons. Ramona Singer was forced to face her bad behavior head-on when Eboni K. Williams called her out for using the term “the help” to describe her staff. Sonja Morgan had a meltdown or two about her love life, J.P. Morgan, and everything in between. But thankfully, Eboni is by her side to help her regain her confidence. Leah McSweeney, aside from dealing with some serious family issues back in the Big Apple, has been feuding heavily with Holla Heather Thomson. And Luann de Lesseps has shown her white fragility, calling Eboni “angry” for merely saying she has more formal education than her co-stars. And in between all of that, we had nude models, themed parties and a whole lot of meaningless bickering.

During Eboni’s first season as the first Black RHONY housewife, she’s been central to the plot. And forcing the group of upper-class white women to actually talk about racism and internal bias. Last week’s episode was another lesson in microaggressions, ending with the Countess apologizing to Eboni for her words (and her ego asking for an apology in return.) Truthfully, it made me understand why Eboni needed a social media break so badly. The only one who understood their need to sit down, shut up and listen was Miss Morgan, my queen.

After this week’s explosive episode, Eboni appeared on Watch What Happens Live to debrief from the Hamptons trip from Hell. Andy Cohen particularly wanted to know if Eboni felt as though Heather’s attempts at mediation were helpful in the midst of the feud. And Eboni had some choice words for Miss Holla Mama. “I didn’t. I think her intention was to be helpful, I want to give Heather that much. But I actually found her to be extremely unhelpful and unproductive.”

And it’s not hard to see where she’s coming from looking back. Mama Heather referred to her as “articulate” while saying in the same sentence that she knows a lot about the “Black experience.” And yet she was referring to her work with A-list rappers and celebrities who are people of color, which rubbed Eboni the wrong way.


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Eboni said, “It came across to me, Andy, like she was trying to whitesplain or translate for me and one thing I do pretty well is communicate effectively.” Again to quote Sonjarita, she knows how to use her words. And for some of the other women, that’s a total threat.

Luckily for Eboni, she won’t have to deal with Holla Heather much longer as Leah allegedly runs her off the show after just a handful of episodes. And all I have to say at this point is when will Bershan Shaw be making her RHONY debut? This group is obviously in desperate need of a refreshing presence whose NOT a blast from the past.


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