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Heather Dubrow Denies Being Egg Donor For Andy Cohen’s Son

It’s time to pop the champs, Real Housewives of Orange County fans — Fancy Pants Heather Dubrow is back. And to Vicki Gunvalson’s glee, she’s on a mission to Make OC Classy Again, whatever that means. Not only is Heather in, but Braunwyn Windham-Burke and Kelly Dodd are out with their messiness. Heather was one of the first Real Housewives to call out Kelly for her bad behavior during her first season on the show, so she’s a good judge of character. Plus, Fancy Pants gets that Housewives’ is a sport and needs to be tackled as such. And she’s actually filthy rich, which always makes for fun TV, especially when it’s earned AUTHENTICALLY (hear that, Erika Jayne?)

Heather announced her triumphant return on her podcast Heather Dubrow’s Worldwhere Bravo daddy Andy Cohen was the guest. The two talked about her return as well as teased another old school housewife from another city making a similar return sometime soon. And even though Terry Dubrow tried to persuade fans that his wife wouldn’t make a return, thank the Bravo gods he was wrong.

While Andy appeared on Heather’s podcast, they dispelled a longtime and very strange rumor that’s been going around since Andy’s son Benjamin Cohen was born, Page Six reports. Even though Heather jokingly offered Andy one of her frozen embryos in the past to conceive his own child, it never happened. “Everyone wants to know … I’m going to let you dispel the rumors,” Heather told Andy.

He responded, “No, you did not, but it’s very funny because as we said before, that would really be an HR issue.” Huh, I didn’t even think of that. Andy did acknowledge that despite te their working relationship, Heather would’ve been a “good candidate” otherwise. And you can’t deny their DNA together would make a beautiful little Jewish baby.


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But Andy’s kept the identity of the egg donor a secret, which is totally the single dad’s business. And baby Ben is just so freaking cute I can’t even. Andy kept talking about how finding a donor was “frankly the hardest part of this entire process.” He initially wanted to find a Jewish egg donor, but settled on whoever was a “healthy” match.

And, to my delight, Andy also talked about his desire to have another baby. He said it’d need to happen “ASAP” as he describes himself as an “old dad.” He also said he wants Benjamin to have “stability and people around for him,” so he wants to grow his little family. I live for it.


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