Cynthia Bailey Defends NeNe Leakes’ OG Status On Real Housewives Of Atlanta

The Real Housewives of Atlanta has really undergone a transformation over the past few seasons, mostly due to NeNe Leakesdramatic exit. NeNe’s final season on the show was a letdown considering her OG status. She barely appeared in episodes and fought with everyone in her path. Well, accept her No. 1 sidekick Marlo Hampton. She ditched the Zoom reunion never to return and has called for fans to boycott Bravo since her hasty exit.

NeNe is as skilled at being a reality TV personality as she is bad at being a good friend. She’s burned a lot of bridges throughout her time on RHOA because she’s the queen of shade, even if she takes it too far. Particularly, her decades-long friendship with Cynthia Bailey crashed and burned over 50 Cynt’s relationship with Kenya Moore. And we thought 50 Cynt was the weird friend with her contracts. The two made up, sort of, but haven’t stopped throwing shade back and forth now and again. Like, NeNe would only go to Cynthia’s wedding if she was paid to attend. She’s all about her bag. But to be fair, it’s clear after Season 13 that Cynthia has no storyline without NeNe.

Ahead of RHOA Season 14, both NeNe and Cynthia have spoken to the press about their opinions regarding casting. NeNe, who is the queen of throwing people under the bus, recently said that Cynthia “shouldn’t have come back many seasons ago,” according to a clip posted by The Bravo Shaderoom on Twitter. “I think she should have been gone, that’s what my opinion is, and I think she is gone. And I think she’ll say that she moved to L.A. or something like that.” It has been rumored 50 Cynt’s eyeing a spot on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills if she leaves the ATL. They are a little more her speed — all about the smoke and mirrors of glam and less about sharing the ins and outs of their lives on TV.

While NeNe believes Cynthia is out, Cynthia is optimistic about the future. And one that could include  a return from NeNe. A fan on Twitter shared a clip from TheJasmineBrand interview with Cynthia talking about a potential return from NeNe. “First and foremost, I don’t really have any real answers for you,” she began. “All I know is what I read and see on the blogs too.”


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She continued by sayings he’s hasn’t filmed anything with NeNe yet and hasn’t seen her around. “In terms of contract negotiations, that’s not unusual for people to still be negotiating their contract. We’ve been over here for about two months now, but I’m just saying.” Cynthia’s obviously missing the good old days of her and NeNe’s friendship, as she took some time to praise the OG.

NeNe and I are where we are now. But for a long time, she was a very, very good friend of mine who I loved very much, who I still have love for. I want her to do what’s best for her,” she said. Someone’s sticking to the rules of their friendship contract. However, considering NeNe’s defamatory statements about Bravo and Andy Cohen, who knows if she’ll ever make a return.


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50 Cynt continued to compliment NeNe, which we know can be a slippery slope. “I mean, she was one of the OGs on this show. You know, when you think of Real Housewives of Atlanta, you do think of NeNe. She’s great for the show. I hope they work it out,” Cynthia continued. She’s right about that — I miss the good old days of NeNe’s shade and hilarious jokes. But it’s clear she needs work in the friend department. Just recently, she’s said her BFF Marlo doesn’t deserve a peach on RHOA and she was spotted hanging out with Cynthia’s ex Peter Thomas. However, if we can get the old NeNe back, I’d welcome her with open arms.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]