Kyle Richards Claps Back After Fans Slam Her For Not Letting Her Daughters Hug During Coronavirus Pandemic

Kyle Richards and her family are like the First Family when it comes to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. They’re all OGs. We’ve seen the ins and outs of Kyle and Mauricio Umansky’s marriage. We watched her children, particularly Portia Umansky, grow up in front of our eyes. She started the show with her sister Kim Richards by her side, and now in Season 11, her other (and just as goofy) sister Kathy Hilton is in the mix. Love them or hate them, those in Kyle’s orbit have been an integral part of the show. And sorry PK Kemsley, but Mo will always win the title of hottest RHOBH househusband. I don’t make the rules.

This season, in particular, it’s clear that Kyle’s daughters are mostly adults now. The majority of them are in college and/or working for Mauricio’s real estate biz. And little Portia is giving us that CLASSIC 12-year-old attitude. During the most recent episode of RHOBH, Portia got a surprise of a lifetime when her sister/BFF Sophia Umansky finally got to come home from college amidst the coronavirus pandemic. She’s in college across the country and Portia literally screamed and cried because she was so excited to see her. It was heartwarming to watch the sisterly bond.

However, not every fan was happy about the scene. Kyle wouldn’t let Portia hug her sister, considering she just got off a plane from Washington D.C. in the height of a pandemic. It seemed pretty reasonable, and honestly, it’s a breath of fresh air to see a Real Housewives star actually take the pandemic seriously.

But one fan tweeted at Kyle during the episode, condemning her for not allowing the girls to hug. “Kyle not letting her children HUG was the most disgusting unfathomable thing a parent could ever do to their children. Portia was hysterically crying to hug her sister @KyleRichards you should be ashamed of yourself. Truly heartbreaking,” the tweet read. OK hold up here. This person really said THE MOST DISGUSTING, UNFATHOMABLE thing a parent could do. There are plenty of other examples of bad parenting, but following health guidelines in the middle of a literal WORLDWIDE PANDEMIC isn’t one. At least not in my book. Kelly Dodd and her fans might think otherwise.


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Kyle responded, “Do you understand that this was 7 months ago and we had to wait until it was even ‘safe’ for Sophia to get on a plane to come home & that she HAD to quarantine? We are in a different place now.” Honestly, she’s way nicer than I would be. I would’ve told this person to MIND THEIR OWN BUSINESS. It is also curious how all of this went down around the same time Kyle and Sophia actually contracted coronavirus at the end of last year. Goes to show that even if you follow the guidelines, you can still catch the virus.

The same fan continued to go in on Kyle. “Well seems they couldnt avoid the inevitable, they are in the same house! ‘I won’t let my children hug each other even though they will sleep under the same roof with the same air vents ventillating the entire household because the television told me so’ – Kyle Richards probably,” the tweet read. This person obviously has some issues with Kyle. And let’s remember that Kyle and Mauricio live in a LITERAL MANSION. Not a studio apartment. I’m sure Sophia could quarantine just fine in the Beverly Hills house. Probably 10x better than where ever she was living in college.


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Kyle, diplomatically still, continued to respond. “She was coming from college. Sophia was more worried about giving it than getting it,” she tweeted. Like why does she even have to defend this action? Going after Kyle for her role in RHOBH gang ups, I’m down for. Shaming someone’s parenting, not so much. And a lot of fans in the replies seem to agree. “You did the right thing Kyle. I can’t believe that anyone would pick in you for this WE ARE IN A PANDEMIC,” one supporter tweeted. Exactly. And Kyle fans weren’t here for the mom-shaming. “You are a great mom, and your children loves you! But mostly, I love you,” a fan wrote. 

Other fans praised Kyle for filming her family being cautious about the virus. “I was glad to see this! We were more cautious than most to protect my vulnerable son, so seeing this was nice for people like me who lived like this all year! Thank you for sharing this since so much filmed looks mostly normal,” one tweet read.  Most of the housewives are still filmed kissing each other on the cheek and going to crowded restaurants, so at least this was a change of pace. Another fan showed support, “You rock Kyle, ignore these people, they are not worth your time.” Couldn’t have said it better myself.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]