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Scooter Braun Separates From Wife Amid Erika Jayne Affair Rumors

For once we get to talk about Erika Jayne and it has nothing to do with widows and orphans. It could have to do with interestingly-timed dissolutions of marriage with a man who answers to what old people ride around on in the grocery store. Thus far on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, we know Erika dumped broke Tom Girardi when he lost all of his cashola. If you ask Erika, it’s because Tom was unfaithful, which did not appear to bother her until his assets were frozen.

Despite possibly being compliant in Tom’s embezzlement, at some point Erika will want to find a new sponsor man. In the past EJ has been linked to her Dancing with the Stars partner as well as music manager Scooter Braun. EJ addressed these rumors on RHOBH and put them to bed. Welp, now old Scoot has left his wife and the timing has some folks wondering if Erika will soon reveal a new record label man in her life.

About 8 months ago, the internet graced us with some rumors and your favorite never-gonna-be-a-housewife-no-matter-what Dana Wilkey fanned the flames. Dana received a DM and posted it to her Instagram alleging Erika has a side-gig as a dominatrix. Coincidentally, after relocating to a new home, unconfirmed reports also claimed Erika secretly messaged neighbor Armie Hammer who might enjoy sexual proclivities of an alternative nature. Scooter’s name was mentioned in Dana’s post, and that was the first we heard about EJ and Scoot being seen by people who signed an NDA…

On the last episode of RHOBH, Erika was asked about the rumor mill and who the tabloids think she’s sleeping with. She denied hooking up with Gleb Savchenko from DWTS and also denied playing smacky face with Scooter. And she most definitely was not seen going into a sex shop with him. Scoot and Yael Cohen Braun have seemingly parted ways and EJ does not have time for another scandal. Not for nothing, calling yourself “Scooter” at the age of 40 is definitely a choice. According to Page Six, the music mogul split from his wife after seven years of wedded bliss. Fun Fact: Yael is the founder of the Fuck Cancer charity, which is impressive.


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You may know Scooter’s name (government name, Scott Braun) from any Taylor Swift fans currently looking to fulfill a vendetta. Or you might have heard Scoot is involved in a $200 million legal dispute over a private equity fund. Aw, maybe he has something in common with Erika after all! A source not identified as Mikey Minden advised Page Six EJ met Scooter with Tom years ago at a political event and haven’t seen each other since, which is highly plausible. It’s also highly plausible this rumor will keep getting legs because breaking up a marriage in the media is better than stealing from burn victims.

Whether or not EJ has someone strapped to a whipping post and gets $500 per lash is no one’s business. If she wants to go full 50 Shades of Neigh and call people Trigger, that’s great as long as money isn’t being taken from innocent clients Tom screwed over. Erika maintains her denial about being involved with anyone romantically, paddles or otherwise. It’s unlikely Scooter’s marriage is over because of EJ, despite interesting timing. But if Yael creates a nonprofit foundation called Fuck Erika, the mystery will be over.


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