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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Recap: It’s About Tom (And Orphans, Widows, & Burn Victims)

We’ve seen the teasers. We’ve read the stories. The divorce of Erika Jayne from Tom Girardi is far more complex than she’s led as to believe. The truth is starting to unravel this week. and the ladies are finally getting to react. What did she know? Did she know anything at all? Is their divorce a sham? These are the questions on everyone’s lips following all of these new developments. Only two people know the cold hard truth; Erika & Tom.

On last week’s episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, things got nasty. The feud between Crystal Kung Minkoff & Sutton Stracke reached volcanic level animosity. It’s devolved to the point of no return. They can’t stand each other. However, for some reason they keep come back for more rounds. It’s a never ending feud, but it keeps on giving. They’re destined to fight until the end of time, but it’s entertaining as hell.

Crystal Kung Minkoff Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

The fight at Lisa Rinna’s continues between Sutton & Crystal. It’s pure pandemonium at the Hamlin household. Erika’s forced to console Sutton who still can’t get it together.

Is it wrong that I find Crystal’s laid back attitude about everything to be so hilarious? The way she doesn’t give a damn about Sutton’s spiral is somewhat amusing. Sutton’s always in a tailspin about everything, and Crystal’s just smiling and totally collected.

Garcelle Beauvais pulls Crystal to the side about the word violating throwing everyone off. Crystal’s holding her ground about this. She’s not going to bend. She feels like Sutton went out of line by entering her room the way she did. Nothing’s going to change. The more they talk about it, the worse it gets.

Everyone somehow convinces Sutton to stay at the party. She apologizes to Crystal for talking negatively about her pants. Sure, that’s the most important topic right now. We can all people crazy or peeping Tom’s, but damn it we will never speak ill of leather pants.

Crystal makes it clear she WILL NOT apologize to Sutton. She calls her an inappropriate awkward person. PERIOD. No amount of tears is garnering any empathy from Crystal. She tells Sutton to leave if that’s what she wants. This newbie is here to play, and Sutton is not up for this.

Crystal retracts the word manic because everyone’s in an uproar about it. She doesn’t mean anything coming out of her mouth. She can’t stand Sutton. A friendship’s not happening. They should give up trying.

Erika Jayne Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

We flash forward four days later and Kathy Hilton, Dorit Kemsley, and Kyle Richards all have COVID-19. Battling the virus has Kyle in a depressing mood. To make things worse, the entire group’s forced to quarantine for two weeks. It might do them a bit of good though to take the break from each other. Every meeting in person ends up in a grudge match between Sutton & Crystal.

The group reacts to the first wave of news reports of Tom’s alleged wrongdoings. The headlines are more than cringe. We’re talking about widows, orphans, and burn victims getting screwed over. Holy f**k.

The majority of Erika’s friends are going about this with the innocent until proven guilty mentality. Erika video chats with Kyle & Lisa about the negative comments regarding her. People are slamming her divorce for being a sham so she can hide assets.

Erika can’t answer the first time she found out about the Boeing lawsuit. She seems confused as to why she would be named in this lawsuit. A criminal investigation is on the horizon. Erika’s being forced to deal with an army of attorneys she can’t even afford. She hasn’t seen a dime from Tom since leaving him. Erika is totally on her own in the darkest hour of her life.

I’m surprised at how openly Erika’s discussing all of this. There’s so much raw emotion emanating from her. Being locked down during this struggle is giving her high anxiety. There’s nothing she can do about this. This is her life now. For at least the next year, this is what she’s forced to deal with.

Kyle & Lisa offer their support to Erika about how they wouldn’t do this to her. Erika can’t help by fall into a heap of tears because of the weight of this. How does somebody combat all of this? In addition to the millions in lawsuits, she’s forced to face the intense public scrutiny as well. How much can one person take?

Erika Jayne Real Housewives of Beverly Hilsl

Lisa & Crystal visit Erika’s new home, and it’s probably ALLLL ABOUT TOM. At the same time Garcelle stops by Kyle’s house to chat from a safe distance. Kyle & Garcelle have come such a long way from their tiff last year. Things have evolved in the best way between these two, and it’s great to see.

Erika’s not in a good place. She’s facing so much pressure and pain because of the lawsuit she’s facing. People want to believe this about Erika. Of course they do. They’ve been obsessed with calling her a mean girl for many seasons now. They’re obsessed with it. She’s afraid everything she’s worked for is going to be torn down because of Tom’s actions.

It’s easy to believe what’s being put out there about Erika. She remains adamant she didn’t do any of these things. Erika’s paranoid wondering what else might be coming her way. She doesn’t know what else this man could’ve possibly done. More is coming. Their lives will NEVER be the same again.

Garcelle & Kyle both believe Erika had nothing to do with this or any insider knowledge. I don’t think it’s far fetched to believe she doesn’t know every detail of Tom’s affairs. Nobody knows EVERYTHING their partner is doing at all times. Right? Erika might not have noticed the red flags popping up.

Erika goes on about how dismissive Tom would be when she inquired about past lawsuits. He’d shut her down right away. If Tom didn’t want to speak on it, they wouldn’t discuss it. This was a powerful man beyond rational comprehension. It’s not a stretch to think he was domineering at home and kept Erika out of the loop.

Kyle Richards Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Kathy howling at her dogs further proves why she’s comedy gold. I am living for Kathy making Christmas wreaths that look the same as my grandmother’s. LIVING FOR THAT. If Kathy can do it, so can my damn Nana.

Kyle tells Kathy about being depressing after battling COVID. She doesn’t think she can do a good job as a mother right now. She can’t do anything. For someone who prides themselves on their parenting ability, this virus has left her powerless. She doesn’t want to see her kids get comfortable not doing anything.

However, Kathy assures Kyle she’s not alone. She’s here for her sister because they’re back on the best of terms. Their familial bond is stronger than ever.

The topic turns to the scandals surrounding Erika because that’s the hot topic. Kathy says life is a poker game and everybody’s gotta show their cards. She knows how to deliver the right hilarious one-liner at the perfect time. Her comedic timing is unmatched.

We get to meet Sutton’s daughter! I don’t recall seeing her last year, but now we’re finally meeting her. I’d assume now that she’s 18, her father can’t keep her away from the show. This might be a big reason for Sutton finally getting her diamond.

Sutton asks Lisa about Erika & Tom because this feels like the worst divorce ever. Sutton won’t make any judgement about it without knowing the facts. Do we call bulls**t on that? This feels like Sutton’s perfect idea of a good time.

Erika Jayne Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Erika meets up with Kyle and breaks down the second she sees her. She’s overwhelmed about everything going on in her life. I’ve never seen Erika fall to tears so easily like this. This isn’t the Erika we’ve met over the last six seasons. The “ice queen” truly is melting.

Erika can’t share the real story right now which is making everything much worse. She tells Kyle she could’ve never predicted this s**tshow that’s unfolding. There’s nothing she can do, but wait to explain her side of the story. She’s still in the dark about so much being alleged about she and Tom. It sounds miserable.

She can’t even fathom being the target of a possible federal criminal investigation. Seeing everyone question everything is shocking to her. People are already turning their backs on her. She’s finding out who her real friends are.

Erika still hasn’t spoken to Tom since the day she left him. She tried to tell Tom he was degrading in front of her while they were still together. Woah. Erika doesn’t want to burden Kyle with all of this, but Kyle’s not that sort of friend. She’s standing by Erika no matter what.

Erika can’t believe Tom would really want her to pay his legal bills. That’s honestly insane. She feels as if Tom resented her the more successful she become. The more she became the central figure of the relationship, the worse things got. At home things were far different than what it appeared for many years.

Erika cries recounting how Tom wouldn’t even hug her back when she tried. How f**king lonely must that have been? This version of Erika’s a shell of what we’ve known. She says this feels like the end.


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