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Kyle Richards And Mauricio Umansky Praised Tom Girardi’s “Sharp” Mind Following Split From Erika Jayne

Someone give Erika Jayne an Oscar for the tremendous acting she’s doing this season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Alright, there might be a chance she’s being genuine, but I’m not totally buying it. The timing of her divorce from Tom Girardi is more than questionable. As are records that Tom allegedly embezzled money from his clients to put right in her bank account. But EJ claims it was just a loveless divorce and time for her to move on — opportune when Tom is being accused of swindling millions.

And while Erika made sure to NOT wear waterproof mascara when the cameras were rolling, she must have forgotten she fully has the ability to make a statement to the victims for her husband’s bad business. But no, she’s too busy “battling her haters” on Instagram, shading Bravo editors and STILL flying private. But guys don’t forget Tom wouldn’t….hug her…back. *Cue single tear* Bravo, Miss Jayne.

Tom has been in deep shit for nearly a year now. He’s being accused of stealing millions to fund his and EJ’sXXPen$ive” lifestyle. And while Erika peaced out and grabbed anything she and Mikey Minden could fit in their arms when shit hit the fan, Tom’s brother has been the only one helping the 81-year-old navigate it all. First came the divorce, then the lawsuits. And then Tom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, leading his brother to take the lead on dealing with the mountain of issues facing the Girardi’s. Even though Tom was prettttty clear during a divorce hearing when he asked a judge to not grant Erika any alimony.

Tom was recently placed under a conservatorship, with his brother Robert Girardi at the helm, due to his “neurocognitive disorder.” Even though throughout their entire marriage, Erika praised her husband (even days before filing for divorce) for being sharp and young-minded.

But the second the accusations came rolling in, Erika began going around saying that Tom was deteriorating in front of her eyes and refusing help. And let’s not forget that Tom opposed being placed under a conservatorship in the first place, despite his failing health. While there are wayyyy more questions than answers here, all I know is Tom’s brother is pretty loyal to help his sibling handle years of accusations that he stole millions from his clients. Family, thick as thieves.

And it’s clear from this season of RHOBH that the ladies are backing up Erika no matter what. A privilege they didn’t give to Denise Richards last season, but don’t even get me started on that. But in a recently-deleted scene from this season, reposted by Queens Of Bravo on Twitter, Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky praised Tom for his sharp mind. The feds are DEFINITELY taking note of that while they watch the show. Erika’s not going to be happy when she sees this.


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The scene begins with Kyle asking Mauricio to think of someone to set Erika up with, now that she’s single. “She deserves to find the next person in her life,” Mo said. “And so does he, by the way.” It’s clear at this point they were not aware of the orphans and widows of it all.

Kyle then chimed in to say that Tom is a “young 81.” “He’s super sharp, savvy,” she added. Mo agreed 100% — “His mind is 100% there. He’s in good shape. He’s a great human being. I’ve met him a few times and every time I loved him,” he said. I bet he’s regretting being so complementary to a man, in the words of Kelly Dodd, who’s a total “crook.” But that’s why we love Mo — he sees the good in everyone and loves to keep the peace.

Then, in a deleted confessional scene, Kyle gave her two cents about her marriage. “When you look at Tom, you think ‘OK he’s older but he’s smart. He’s successful,'” Kyle said. “I didn’t see anything horrible in their marriage, but I didn’t see anything that great either.” Coming from Kyle, who’s seemingly in an idyllic marriage, this makes sense. But Erika obviously had her reasons to marry Tom (Cha-ching) and once that went away, conveniently so did their marriage.


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