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Erika Jayne’s Landlord, Accountant, And Attorney Must Turn Over Erika’s Financial Records In Tom Girardi Case

What comes after lie, lie, and deny? Delay, delay, and delay. You can run but you can’t hide from, well, this particular judge who seems to have no love for the Erika Jayne discography collection. Judge Barry Russell is clearly not a fan of pop music or Real Housewives of Beverly Hills because he is striking down every opportunity Erika’s team tries to put in place to guarantee she’ll be back out on the dance circuit soon. Erika probably misses her once super hot career and those 4am shows at Club Go Fuck Yourself in a town no one’s heard of, who would book EJ because they had $25 extra in the kitty that week for “talent”.

Erika sang songs widows and orphans Tom Girardi paid to have produced. Erika went on tours funded by burn victims courtesy of Tom’s PJ. And the fame and fortune that came along with fraud and embezzlement working hard in a thieving take-no-prisoners environment lead to a role on Broadway. Now it looks like EJ will have to wait a bit longer before returning to the entertainment scene because she has some documents to produce, but don’t worry, Judge Russell will wait.

Let’s review! Tom and defunct firm, Girardi Keese, are accused of embezzling funds from families who lost loved ones in a 2018 plane crash (this is where the “widows and orphans” come in). Tom was also sued by former business partners which resulted in a chapter 7 bankruptcy petition only 4 weeks after EJ filed for the big D. Erika is being investigated under the suspicion funds or assets have been moved around to prevent them from being collected for Tom’s massive debts.

Erika’s most recent court snafu was failing to comply with revealing financial records the bankruptcy trustee assigned to Tom’s case requested. Special investigator and attorney who needs his own theme music, Ronald Richards, filed three separate motions that accused Erika of refusing to turn over bank statements and other documents, and went after Erika’s attorney, CPA, and landlord directly. According to People, all of the requested papers must now mysteriously appear by the end of July.


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On Monday, the court ruled in favor of the creditors and ordered Erika’s accountant Michael Ullman, divorce lawyer Larry Ginsburg, and landlord Benjamin Khakshour turn over various ‘key documents’. This includes pay stubs, bank statements, emails, and texts pertaining to her finances. At this time, members of the esteemed Fox Force Five are furiously deleting any written or verbal communication from Erika on their mobile devices.

The documents state all three, including the CPA’s accounting firm must be prepared to appear in court for examination during the week of July 19. In other news, Tom is sitting around desperately hoping a convenient meteor will strike the greater Los Angeles area and disrupt the court process until he can get to his new house in France.


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The original motion claimed Erika used her companies EJ Global and Pretty Mess, Inc. to conceal assets and blocked her accountant from the info whilst parading around in diamonds and latex. I personally wouldn’t block my CPA unless I was hiding something, but that’s just moi. Erika’s attorney states she “remains willing to cooperate fully with the Trustee’s investigation in the related case of debtor Thomas Girardi” and welcomes the examination into her finances and agrees to turn over all documents”, so says Radar Online.

Think Erika is going to make a deal and sing like a canary? Ron says maybe not. When asked on his favorite platform Twitter if it’s true EJ will testify against the man she would be there for until he dropped dead, Ron replied, “Not really.” Along with the bankruptcy and multiple lawsuits, Tom and Erika are accused of faking their divorce to protect their money. Presently, Tom has not responded to any of the lawsuits in court and Erika has not responded to any requests to show a sliver of compassion.


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