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Fans Slam Erika Jayne For Using A Private Plane In The Midst Of Her Legal Issues

It is a mystery why Erika Jayne decided to film Season 11 of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills when she and her husband, Tom Girardi, are mired in legal woes. During the most recent episode of RHOBH, Erika confided in co-star Sutton Stracke about how hurt she was that Tom never came to see her in Chicago on Broadway.

That was unacceptable. But compared with everything else that Tom has allegedly done, it doesn’t seem out of character.

Tom allegedly withheld $26 million in funds from settlements that should have been paid to the victims of a pipeline explosion and plane crash. Now Tom claims to be flat broke. He was also diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease in March of 2021. Erika claims that she didn’t know about Tom’s terrible misdeeds, and her ghostwriter is backing her up. Erika’s husband allegedly gave her loans to the tune of $20 million dollars from his law firm. RHOBH viewers know that it  cost about $40,000 a month to keep Erika looking glam.

And unfortunately for Erika, her signature on some loan documents might prove that she had some knowledge of Tom’s activities. Erika was also subpoenaed to appear in court on October 22, 2020.  Erika was “out of town” and didn’t appear. So, she obviously knew that something was going on. Erika filed for divorce on November 3, 2020. Her divorce is being called a scam to hide their assets. Erika requested a gag order to keep attorney Ronald Richards, whose quest in life is to investigate Erika and locate any secret assets, quiet. The judge denied her request.

Erika stated that she didn’t withold any information related to the ongoing bankruptcy case. And now Erika’s landlord, divorce attorney, and accountant must hand over documentation and be available the week of July 19, 2021, to appear in court. Attorney Richards will be watching RHOBH every week and jotting down every word. So, maybe being on television, sashaying around in designer clothes, wasn’t her best move right now.


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Apparently, Erika needs lessons on how to read the room. The Daily Mail supposedly has photos of Erika getting ready to hop on a private plane. Sigh. Of course, we don’t know who paid for the plane, but it is not a good look for the RHOBH star.

According to The Sun, Erika was bashed by Reddit users. One user wrote, “Looking at her makes me sick. The things her and Tom’s victims when through, and she could care less. Terrible person,” one fan posted. “I haven’t had a desire to turn on bravo recently due to their condoning this behavior.” How is it possible for Erika to be so tone deaf?

“She is a selfish piece of trash and Bravo shouldn’t be giving her a platform,” another follower posted. “What is wrong with her? Seriously. Even if she’s innocent, this isn’t smart,” a user commented. Duh.


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“She is so effing disgusting. Zero remorse. I hope this behavior comes up and bites her in the ass,” a follower wrote. One fan even slammed her fashion. “Ew she’s wearing that Cartier ring!!! What a f**king shameless asshole.”

It is hard to have sympathy for Erika when she complained about driving a Range Rover instead of a lambo. She might be opening up about her disastrous marriage, but RHOBH viewers know that she is holding  back a lot of information.


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