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Erika Jayne Is Reportedly “Unhappy” With Editing On Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills This Season

Erika Jayne XXPe$ive empire is crumbling around her this season on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. And has everyone wondering if she was just a trophy wife caught up in a bad situation, or if she’s the best actress of all time. If you haven’t guessed by now, I’m with the ladder. The evidence is pretty damning — Erika’s been grasping onto this notion that she’s a scapegoat in all of Tom Girardi’s shady legal practices. But investigators are preparing to go through her financial records with a fine-tooth comb, and Miss Erika is shook. But what did she expect when it was revealed her 81-year-old husband was (allegedly) embezzling millions from his clients to deposit into her bank account and glam budget? Come on, girl, you’re smarter than that.

Erika’s storyline this season of RHOBH has been heavy on the divorce drenched in questions. First of all, the strange timing of her filing. Turns out announcing a sham divorce on Election Day won’t stop people from raising an eyebrow at an embezzlement case. And secondly, all of EJ’s last-ditch attempts to save her assets from being confiscated by the feds. And while Tom’s being accused of stealing money owed to victims of an extensive list of horrible accidents, Erika is driving around in her new Range Rover crying about a loveless marriage she stayed until for 20 years that she didn’t leave until shit HIT THE FAN. And of course, Lisa Rinna’s riding shotgun.

And in line with Erika’s recent comments focusing on trivial moments in her life rather than, you know, all of the victims her husband allegedly defrauded, she’s apparently coming at the RHOBH editors now. Surprise surprise. The Sun reports that a “source” close to Erika says she’s concerned about the upcoming case and her future. Particularly because investigators are watching her every move this season of RHOBH. “Erika is not happy with the editing on Real Housewives as she thinks it is exacerbating the public’s criticism of her spending,” the “source” (aka Mikey Minden) said. Well, maybe Erika shouldn’t let the cameras film her in her giant closet literally overflowing with clothes. Also, doesn’t this girl have bigger issues to worry about right now?

The “source” said that while Erika has flaunted her wealth for years on the show, it’s “coming back to bite her” amidst the scandal. Well, DUH. Who wouldn’t be ready to shame Erika for bragging about her private jets that Tom bought with the money owed to widows and orphans? I can’t with her anymore. “She’s a tough cooking but she’s still struggling emotionally at the moment and hasn’t been leaving her house much,” the source continued. Commence eye-rolling.


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Erika’s “insider” continued to say that despite Erika’s “defensive” (i.e. tone-deaf) posts on social media, she’s worried about how her appearance on the show will affect her future. I’m no lawyer, but it probably won’t help her in a FRAUD CASE.  “She loves Real Housewives and it’s pretty much all she has left right now as her career hangs in balance, but she’s facing a huge backlash,” the source said.

Let’s be real — without Big Tommy’s checks, there is no Erika Jayne. Her career isn’t hanging by anything, except potentially a pair of handcuffs. Here’s the part where I mention Erika hasn’t been charged with anything yet and these are still allegations. Keyword: Yet.


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Erika is apparently concerned that anything she says or does on camera will be used against her, which again, seems pretty obvious. “Her lawyers are fighting hard to keep details of her finances under wraps, but those who believe her career was funded on the back of trauma want to see it all,” the source continued. Erika didn’t back up any claims by this so-called “source,” but her actions are sort of telling us everything we need to know. At least she’s somehow avoided the Denise Richards treatment this season on RHOBH. Because the ladies, minus Sutton Stracke, clearly won’t gang up on someone when it comes to actual issues that affect other people. Nope, salacious hookup rumors are just as far as they’ll go.


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