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Bankruptcy Trustee In Legal Case Against Tom Girardi Requests Special Counsel To Sue Erika Jayne In An Attempt To Recover Assets

More trouble for Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Confessions of a Shopaholic star, Erika Jayne. After the newly released Season 11 trailer, you might have thought it was just her make-up that was in jeopardy, but nope. The hits keep on coming for Erika and it isn’t because she’s a great singer. First comes love, second comes marriage, then comes Erika in bankruptcy court.

Erika is in the middle of divorcing shamed attorney Tom Girardi. Tom is on the hook for allegedly embezzling an exorbitant amount of money from clients and vendors over the years while Erika was having fun with her “self-funded” music career. People weren’t getting paid and clients weren’t seeing settlement cash, but Erika’s corporate account managed to accept a $20 million deposit. Erika tried to cut and run while Tom basically lost everything to his name. Here’s where it gets worse for Erika, the trustee in Big Tommy’s bankruptcy case would now like a word with Ms. Chahoy Jayne Girardi. Someone pour Denise Richards a Casamigos BLANCO, it’s about to get good.

Allow me to remind you how distraught Erika was at Denise when she would “repeatedly either leave or not answer questionsregarding a scandal from last season. Denise ultimately left the show over it. And one mustn’t forget that Erika was “on the truth’s side” during the Lisa Vanderpump takedown. Lisa also quit as a result. So, is Erika still on truth’s side? That shoe on the other foot isn’t a Louboutin, is it? Asking for the courts.

As Erika tries to disassociate herself from Tom’s numerous fraud and embezzlement cases, it doesn’t help that she “signed things”. Things like loan papers, which may or may not negate any denial she spouts about being unaware of Big Tommy’s money problems. Most recently Erika tried to get her share of the $16 million Pasadena Palace that Tom was booted from, but attorneys are trying to allot that money for clients needing settlement money.


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Hmmm, where can the creditors attempt to find cashola now that Tom is drained? Duh, Erika. On Twitter, attorney Emily D. Baker posted papers showing the bankruptcy trustee in Tom’s case wants to sue Erika in an effort to fulfill the debt. She wrote, “Bankruptcy Trustee wants to sue Erika Girardi….I am not surprised, I thought it would be the Trustee of the Firm GK [Girardi Keese], not the trustee for the personal bankruptcy. Apparently, Erika says there is no community property in her possession….where is the Cartier Jaguar Ring?” Fun fact, it’s right here, dear! Y’all, you don’t happen to recall that nasty robbery at the manse, do you? I’m not giving it the side-eye, but, I’m totally giving it the side-eye. You can see the document here.

The papers state, “The trustee believes that Erika is in possession of assets of the Debtor’s bankruptcy estate and/or HAS TRANSFERRED ESTATE ASSETS TO THIRD PARTIES prior to the commencement of this bankruptcy case.” Bartender, Denise will have another round! The documents further imply Erika basically said she doesn’t have any property, just “gifts”, which she claims are separate property. The Trustee is asking for a special person to come in and go after EJ specifically. Side-note, the documents also state the special counsel is being retained on a contingency fee basis. That means the lawyers only get paid if they win. No attorney worth her/his salt is going to take a case where not getting paid is the predicted outcome.


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But wait, there’s more! On Twitter, lawyer Ronald Richards shared more info. He wrote, the proposed counsel to helm Erika’s case is already the defendant in a lawsuit by the Girardi Keese Trustee, Elissa Miller. That’s a no-no because the two Trustees are not allowed to work in tandem on the case. Ronald posted the Attorney/Client Retainer Agreement and also highlighted the fact that attorney fees are contingent upon a win. He added, “This means that there is credible information that Erika Jayne has received $$ from Tom Girardi and may have transferred it to others. She is refusing to give it back. It is 33% / 45% split depending on the stage of the case. EJ referenced a legal fund. Was it 4 this?” Here is the retainer outline.

This pokes a hole in Erika’s dramatic, “no one knows the answer but HIM” moment in the trailer. I wonder if Big Tommy had a sudden moment of clarity from his alleged Alzheimer’s diagnosis that was long enough to advise his team to GET HER. So, it looks like we’re going to court, you guys. Erika has a lot on her plate. Divorce as a sham to cover embezzlement? Hiding funds? Transferring funds to third parties? No glam squad? Tom’s world is shattered and Erika’s is definitely starting to crumble. Now might be a good time to get the Vegas odds on Erika showing up for the reunion. Stay tuned!


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