Patricia Altschul

Patricia Altschul Sides With Sutton Stracke And Slams Erika Jayne For Reunion Behavior

There’s a reason she was cast as the matriarch of Southern Charm.  Of course we are talking about Patricia Altschul, a southern belle from another era.  One of unspoken social rules, debutante balls, and formal etiquette.  A misstep could chip away the foundation of a reputation.  The result is even worse should you associate with a disreputable person.

Though most of us don’t interact in these higher echelons, Patricia most certainly does.  So she is the perfect Bravolebrity to give her opinion on the “small town” feud between Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars Erika Jayne and Sutton Stracke.

Both Erika and Sutton hail from Augusta, Georgia yet could not be different in their behavior or attitudes towards southern values.  It all started at the “dinner party from hell” during which Sutton questioned Erika’s knowledge of ex-husband Tom Girardi’s alleged embezzlement.

The interrogation continued as Kyle Richards pushed Sutton to speak her truth.  Finally, an enraged Erika threatened Sutton with litigation. Not before mocking Sutton for the “small town” concern about maintaining her reputation.  But who could really blame anyone for being wary of Erika’s Pretty Mess of a checkbook?


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What is it they say about money and class?  Unsurprisingly, Patricia is Team Sutton.  And she took to social media last week to explain why.  Accompanying a video clip of the upcoming Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion on Patricia’s Instagram account was the caption, “when Sutton and I talked after the RHOBH reunion was filmed, she said that Erika called her the C word.  Since no southern lady would ever say that word out loud we were shocked but assumed it wouldn’t be used… but here it is in the reunion trailer. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills finale tonight.”  The hashtag #teamsutton was included at the end.

Interestingly, none of the RHOBH housewives touched this one except for Sutton herself who posted, “my mentor.”  The comments were overall in her favor, and indicate Erika’s declining popularity this season.  It will be interesting to see how Andy Cohen handles her at the reunion, and what triggered Erika to rant at Sutton again.


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