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Denise Richards Is Reportedly Unhappy About Her Name Being Mentioned On Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Denise Richards’ legacy on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is still causing strife.  The Wild Things star left the show after two seasons when allegations of an affair with RHOBH alum Brandi Glanville surfaced.  Denise continues to deny that she cheated on husband Aaron Phypers, but the outcome of her former friend Lisa Rinna turning on her still reverberates within the cast.

Garcelle Beauvais questioned Lisa’s hard line stance that Denise was being untruthful about her relationship with Brandi.  Why not show the same skepticism towards Erika Jayne and her legal troubles?  Well, it’s a good point that Garcelle referred to many times during Season 11 before stating that she was putting the issue with Lisa to rest during the reunion.

But Denise supposedly finds the constant name-dropping “distasteful.”  An insider told Us Weekly that Denise resents that her name comes up so much “just to prolong the story line.”  Without her beef with Denise, Lisa would only have her undying loyalty for Erika as a story line.  And that is getting less and less believable with each passing story that the Pretty Mess star tells.

Denise isn’t thrilled about her name being brought up during the reunion or event this season,” a source for the RHOBH alum told Us Weekly, “she believes producers provoked the conversation between Garcelle [Beauvais] and [Lisa] Rinna just to give them something drama-filled to talk about.”

Denise even supposedly joked, “do I get paid for every time my name comes up?”  The insider explained that, “she thinks she should get paid if she’s going to be mentioned.”


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While Denise initially had a stellar time on the show, she doesn’t speak too highly of it now.  But at the time that she announce her departure, Denise expressed mixed feelings about her time on the show.  “I had a great first season,” Denise said in a September 2020 interview, “the second season was challenging.  I just though it was the right time for me to go and to just keep focusing on the other projects that I have.  I had a great time.  I will always be a fan and I will continue to support the show.”

According to Denise’s source, it’s these other projects that occupy her time and focus.  She’s not “even thinking” about returning to RHOBH.  “She has other projects in the works,” the source explained, “she doesn’t have time for it, let alone does not want to be involved in the drama and stress it’s caused. She has enough of that already in her life.”

Garcelle once claimed that she and Denise had a pact to only appear on the show if the other were present.  The Haitian native, and first Black star of the series, described their agreement during an August 2020 interview on Sirius XM’s EW Live.  Garcelle said, “She’s like, ‘If you don’t come back, I’m not coming back.  And I’m like, ‘And if you don’t come back, I’m not coming back.'”

It’s not the only hint that Garcelle has dropped.  During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live, she revealed that Denise “want to come back” but under the condition that, “somebody’s gotta go.”  That person could only be Lisa.


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If that’s true, then it explains why Denise wouldn’t want her name used.  Why let producers milk the drama without her presence to benefit financially from it?  And would Lisa be fired in favor of reinstating Denise?  It doesn’t seem likely, though Lisa needs more to present.  Harry Hamlin’s sauce drama just isn’t cutting it.


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