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Scheana Shay Beefs With Charli Burnett About TV Brock Davies Hung Up

Nine seasons deep into Vanderpump Rules, we all know a little too much about Scheana Shay’s thoughts and feelings. She loves crop tops and a high pony. She’s a self-proclaimed enchilada master. She ignores a lot of red flags. And her heart is good as gold, usually. Oh, and she loves a man who can hang up a TV. Extra props if he does it in less than 7 minutes.

The infamous Scheana Marie TV mounting moment came back up in the most recent episode of Pump Rules. Brock Davies might have a mountain of baby mama drama, but he can hang a TV in 5 minutes. Take that, Rob Valletta. Brock recently proved his skills when he and ScheSchu helped Charli Burnett move into her new place. But a little Twitter joke from Charli about the TV set Scheana off, further proving she takes home improvement a little too seriously.

After the episode aired, Charli tweeted a hilarious photo of the TV Brock had hung after it fell off the wall. She captioned it, “Update on the TV Brock hung up lmao it literally fell at like 4 am we thought someone was breaking in.” Hilarious. Iconic. It makes the whole TV gag even better. But Scheana did NOT think it was amusing by any means.

Scheana responded back to defend her man’s mistakes, yet again. “And you knew y’all didn’t have the proper tools or anchors for him to do it that day. He got it up quickly and did all the steps for the vlog. It was never secure,” she wrote. Scheana is a lot of things, and a ride-or-die is one of them. But in this instance, Charli seemed like she was just poking fun at the situation. But it’s no laughing matter to Mama Scheeners.


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The Twitter beef escalated once fans got involved. Someone asked Scheana why Brock would agree to mount a TV without the proper equipment. “Bc it was a funny thing we were filming to time him doing the steps that shoulda been properly fixed after,” Scheana wrote. It’s all happening — Scheana’s getting riled up about nonsense, everybody. Another fan asked if Scheana and Brock made Charli aware that the TV wasn’t secure. Scheana claims she did, putting the blame on Charli and her man.

Charli, who never shies away from throwing a good jab, decided to clap back with a Teresa Giudice reference. I have no choice but to stan. “Oh god Scheana it’s a joooookkeee did you sit all night mad about this,” Charli wrote. “But legit its funny! Not that deep boo.” To make it better, she included the clip of Tre at a reunion telling Caroline Manzo to “have a sense of humor.”

Clearly, Scheana had to have the last word. She said, “I don’t do twitter fights with my friends. Only state facts. Check your texts.” SCHEANA like CHILL. You escalated the situation and then yelled at Charli for responding. Nonsense. In a separate tweet, she blamed it on defending Brock, which might not be the solid reasoning that she thinks it is.


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