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Charli Burnett Shades Jax Taylor For Getting Fired From Vanderpump Rules

Marriage Boot Camp: The Pregnant and Fired is about to have a whole season of Vanderpump Rules cast members who were terminated for being ignorant. Speculation was running rampant that Pump Rules was on death’s door and the prognosis was grim. But wait, longtime fans of the show might have a glimmer of hope! The first sign of the resurrection would have to be the demise of Jax Taylor who was unceremoniously #firedbybravo.

It’s a real shame Jax will no longer be able to cheat, sweat profusely, or gaslight other cast members going forward. Jax liked to think of himself as above everyone else. One of the best moments from the Season 8 reunion was when newbie Charli Burnett risked Jax’s wrath by implying he is a whole fossil. Jax advised Charli to “know her role” and put her in her place – now Charli wants to return the favor.

If we do see a VPR comeback, keep your eye on this one. Charli is rather dry with her wit and drops some good lines. The veteran cast members didn’t take too kindly to new, YOUNGER blood invading their space. Unfortunately, when you have a program that revolves around a restaurant, it helps to have people who actually work at the place of business.

When someone didn’t agree with Jax, chances were real good he wouldn’t take it as constructive criticism. Words, they come back to haunt you! During the last reunion, Andy Cohen asked Charli if Jax feels threatened by the new cast members. Charli went on to detail some of Jax’s finer moments including Twitter rants, bullying, and the fact that he is hovering near the AARP card fire. Queens of Bravo shared the clip on Twitter.


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As far as Charli is concerned, Jax was, “retired, done, and wrapped.” But, Charli wasn’t alone because clearly the majority of the viewing audience, other cast members, and Bravo felt the same way. Jax suggested Charli “know her role” and well, she’s right on top of that, Jax. Once the news broke of Jax and Brittany Cartwright’s departure, Charli tweeted, “I guess I do know my role, and it’s employed.”

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Karma is funny! And quite busy in the greater Los Angeles area, I might add. On the bright side, at least Kristen Doute got her wish. Now if she could only get her publisher, television career, and love life back on track. In other news, Jax and Brittany now find themselves in a quandary with things like a mortgage, an actual human life, and no discernable income.


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While we continue to wait on word that Vanderpump Rules is filming again, at least we know contracts have apparently gone out. Best guess would be production resumes in the spring, when West Hollywood will hopefully be opening up for business. While Jax and Brittany prepare to take on the most challenging role of their lives, Jax can rest easy with the knowledge Charli still knows her role as well – not fired.


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