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Vanderpump Rules Recap: SURving Up Double Standards

Are we ever going to see Charli Burnett again? She’s supposed to be a main cast member this season on Vanderpump Rules, but she’s been missing for many episodes. Hopefully we get something from her soon. As of now, her inclusion as a cast member is odd because it’s crickets.

After a game of basketball with the boys, The Toms reveal the plans are almost finalized for their new bar. The name is terrible, but they’re still going with it. Why are they doing this to us? They’re setting their new venture up for failure with the name they’ve chosen.

Tom Sandoval says he’s heard weird rumors about Randall Emmett, but he’s never brought them up. He feels like he’s never been able to move past surface level with Lala Kent. Her crusade against Scheana Marie’s new man Brock Davies doesn’t feel quite right to him.

I understand where he’s coming from to an extent. While I don’t think Lala has honorable intentions with her questioning of Brock, I do see a load of red flags. At this point Scheana’s been made aware of all of Brock’s alleged wrongdoings, so it’s on her if she doesn’t head the warnings. You can’t force her to open her eyes to the red flags. There’s alarms going off every which way when it comes to Brock, but she’s choosing to act blind.

James Kennedy tells Tom Sandoval not to avoid talking to Lala because it’ll just get worse. It’s cute of James to try, but these two having a conversation is not going to be productive at all. They’re going to end up screaming in each other’s faces until one of them storms off in a fit of rage. I’m almost positive that’s exactly how this showdown will play out.

Raquel Leviss Vanderpump Rules

Well holy poop! Charli’s back on our screens! Ariana Madix asks Charli about the move in process with her boyfriend. They’re finally getting a place together that they’ve never shared with someone else. It makes it all the more special. Their relationship’s able to grow to greater heights now.

Things are getting better between Charli and her relationship with food. Now that she’s opened up to members of the group about her issues, things are getting better. She’s becoming healthier in all aspects of her life. To take her newfound positivity to a new level, she’s planning a culinary night for the group. That’s huge. Hopefully it’s not too much of a trigger for her.

Raquel Leviss stops by Lisa Vandepump’s house to talk about her nose issues. It’s cool to see Paul Nassif on the show! It’s a bit trippy to see him and Lisa being in such a good place after fighting on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Love it!

Raquel gets emotional because she hasn’t told anyone about James bumping her nose. It was a week after getting the cast off. Okay? She’s making it sound like he went in for a deep kiss and bumped her nose. Oof. I don’t want to say what I’m thinking here. Hearing Raquel go out of her way to make sure they don’t think James hit her feels like a red flag. This is sort of uncomfortable to watch.

Lisa’s concerned because James went into a fit of rage after her nose went awry. Now Lisa’s in an awkward position because she told Paul a totally different story. You have to be upfront with your medical professionals if you’re going get the proper care. Withholding information from Lisa & Paul is only going to hurt her in the long run.

The part that’s really uncomfortable to watch is the hard sell Raquel’s making to make sure nobody blames James. She wants so badly to ensure nobody thinks he purposely did it to her. What does that say about the man she’s newly engaged to?

Lala Kent Vanderpump Rules

Lala meets with Katie Maloney to discuss Sandoval’s freak out from the night before. It was strange for everyone to witness. Sandoval’s been showcasing a huge level of anger this season. He’s defensive and ready to be on the attack. However, Lala’s equally up for a fight at any time. This is going to be a feud for the ages.

Ariana says she checked out during the fight because everyone was yelling. Lala thinks Tom started it, but it was actually Lala’s pursuit of Scheana & Brock that triggered it. Sandoval wasn’t going to sit there and listen to Lala pretend to be a good friend. Everyone sees through Lala’s bullshit.

Ariana’s forced to defend Sandoval to someone who’s never going to listen. Lala’s going to have a discussion with Sandoval that we all know is going to go nowhere. What does she expect to come out of it? Neither of them are the type to listen to reason or EVER accept fault.

Sandoval & Tom Schwartz are working on the mission statement for their new bar. So far it all seems like a jumbled mess of vomit from Sandoval’s mind. Watching them try to figure out what their business is might be the most painful thing to watch. They have no clue what they’re doing.

Scheana Marie Vanderpump Rules

NOT US ACTUALLY WATCHING BROCK TRY TO HANG A TV IN UNDER 7 MINUTES. It took him less than six. This might be Scheana’s soulmate after all. He’s checking all of her boxes. Red flags and all.

Everyone’s invited to culinary night except for Lala. Wow Lala’s doing a great job at alienating the entire group. Is Katie the only member of the group she’s on decent terms with? It feels like every other scene is coming talking about whatever beef they have with Lala.

James is at Raquel’s consultation with Paul, and he doesn’t want anyone to think he did this on purpose. His energy is always so frantic. It gives me great anxiety.

It’s coming across like Lisa’s not fully believing the story being laid out by James & Raquel. Lisa whispers to James about needing to learn to control his temper. That was a subtle comment that felt like she thinks there’s a lot more to this story. We’ll never learn the truth.

Paul doesn’t think the kiss had anything to do with the botches on her nose. He thinks it’s a result of her previous surgery. At least James is in the clear on this one. It must’ve been sweet vindication for him to learn he didn’t play a role in this.

Tom Sandoval Vanderpump Rules

Lala’s at SUR and ready to talk to Sandoval before he’s filled with more rage. You can feel the chill in the air the moment she goes over to speak to him. She wants to work things out and figure out how things went wrong.

Sandoval says there’s a double standard between what they can say about her and what she does about others. Diving deep into Brock’s past is fair game, but nobody can talk about Randall. What’s up with that? There’s no reason her life should be off limits.

Lala’s feeling isolated and like she doesn’t belong with the rest of the group. He doesn’t really see things that way, but they leave things off on a decent note. Maybe they’ll find a way to move forward after all. I wonder if this temporary ceasefire will lead to Lala getting an invite to the culinary party.

It turns out Lala’s invitation is still nonexistent. She and Randall are joining Lisa & Ken Todd for drinks at Villa Rosa. Well there a lot worse things they could be doing with their evening.

I can’t handle how thirsty Scheana is at the party for people to try her enchiladas. I swear every other worse out of her mouth is about them. To make up for how awkward it is, Charli totally hating them was EVERYTHING. She’s trying so many new foods out of her comfort zone, and she hated the one thing Scheana was desperate for her to love.

Lala breaks down at Lisa’s because she doesn’t think anyone in the group knows her. She’s changed a lot in a short period of time, but she’s still feeling like an outsider. The issues from before are still there at the end of the day. Her place in the group hasn’t changed. The part that has to be awkward for her is that nearly everyone she was actually friends with in the cast got fired. She’s on an island.

Raquel cries to everyone at the party because she thinks they all look down on her nose. However, nobody in the group even had a clue she got surgery in the first place. She’s a beautiful woman, so it breaks my heart to see how little she thinks of herself.

James is getting way too annoyed at Raquel for her poor performance during the fun games. He’s taking it a little too far. I know he’s the only sober person in the room, but he’s being nasty. He’s calling everyone in the room dumb, and it causes Raquel to storm away. He’s failing as fiance. Period.


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