Katie Maloney Says She’s Not A “Thirsty Bitch” After Tom Sandoval Accused Her Of Using Him For A Storyline

I feel like we’re all currently watching the slow and painful death of Vanderpump Rules. It bums me out — this used to be one of Bravo’s best shows. But after a cast overhaul and the unavoidable fact that the celebrity of the show’s main characters has gone to their heads, it’s basically unrecognizable. The reunion episode is sure to be the best part of the season. The SUR crew, they’re funny.

One of the weakest storylines playing out in this go-around on Pump Rules is the Toms’ next bar project. First of all, I don’t understand why they are so gung-ho about working on a bar project without Lisa Vanderpump and her expertise, massive wallet, and celebrity status, but go off kings.

Tom Schwartz is basically being bulldozed by the new No. 1 guy in the group Tom Sandoval in every sense of the word. Sandoval has the final say on the name of the bar, the mission statement, and, most importantly, whether or not Katie Maloney-Schwartz will be involved. What could go wrong?

Katie and Sandoval have been at odds on VPR because Katie wants to be involved in the Schwartz family business. Sandoval, playing producer, claims that Katie’s involvement is nothing but a ploy for more camera time. And now, in true Tequila Katie fashion, she decided to clap back at the claims by raging at Sandoval’s attempts to make her look dumb.


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In a video reposted by @_surrules on Instagram, Katie posted a video exploding on her husband’s BFF. She called his statement about her using the bar for a storyline “adorable and also a huge lie.” Katie did pop into the comments to let fans know she had a few glasses of wine before expressing her irritation at Sandoval, as to explain her behavior in the vid.

As Katie’s side of the story goes, she texted Sandoval to ask him to speak about something “not dramatic or crazy.” The pair apparently talked on the phone about her working on the bar, and Katie says Schwartzy was next to her and heard the whole thing. Sounds like he needs to fess up and decide whether to back his wife or his (work) husband — a dilemma that Schwartz is no stranger to.

“This is why I’m a little, little irritated because I said not just for a storyline, OK?’ Katie said she relayed to Sandoval. “I’ve never begged Sandoval like, ‘Please, let me answer phones. Anything.’ I was down to train staff. I said, ‘Let’s talk about a position that makes sense.'” Girl GET HIM.


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Katie then told Sandoval to “stop treating [her] like [she’s] some thirsty b*tch” and called it a day. Sandoval has yet to respond, but I don’t envy the phone call Schwartz probably received from his buddy after he saw Katie’s little rage vid. Why is VPR so good at being a show off-camera, but once filming starts, it falls so flat? Make it make sense.


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