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Vanderpump Rules Recap: Men On A Mission (Statement)

This season of Vanderpump Rules has been decent, but there’s something lacking. Not sure what that is, but it’s obvious. There’s a weird disconnect between the people who actually work at SUR and everyone else. Very odd.

We love James Kennedy bringing presents for baby Ocean. What a long way he and Lala Kent have come. They were in such a dark and toxic place a few short seasons ago. Time really can heal all wounds.

Lala seems to find the way James mocked Raquel Leviss the night before to be funny. It was so degrading to watch. I know it’s something simple like a drinking game, but there’s no excuse for calling Raquel dumb. Not only that, but he’s making her insecurities with her nose about himself. If he’s going to be a good husband, he needs to start putting Raquel’s needs above his own at times.

Raquel wants James to be patient and learn from his mistakes. The last thing she wants is for his quick tempered behavior to influence their future kids. When James gets into a mood, there’s no telling what’s going to come out of his mouth. He’s too unpredictable.

Lala tells James he cannot give his opinion on this. It needs to be about what’s going to make Raquel feel comfortable. Yes, he is her soon to be husband. However, at the end of the day it’s Raquel’s face. Her feelings need to take precedent.

Lisa Vanderpump Vanderpump Rules

Tom Sandoval & Tom Schwartz tell Lisa Vanderpump their business partner is contemplating backing out. They’re at a loss for how to convince him they will make this profitable. At this point, they shouldn’t need Lisa to walk them through what to do. If Lisa’s their key to making this new endeavor successful, they should’ve partnered with her again.

Lisa doesn’t think there’s anything definitive regarding their vision for the new bar. She gets the direction they’re trying to go in, but it’s also a bit too all over the place. There’s so much happening at once with a clear lack of focus. I don’t foresee this business lasting long once it opens. That’s IF it ever does.

Watching Brock Davies sew is not my idea of entertaining television. Give me ANYTHING else to watch. What has this show turned into? What a fall from grace.

I’m shocked to learn Ariana Madix secretly froze her eggs around the same time as Scheana Marie. Speaking of Scheana, she’s totally into the idea of them both having surrogates at the same time. There’s been quite a chance in attitude for Ariana this season. Both marriage and children no longer appear to be entirely off the table.

Scheana claims even though Lala has ruined every friendship in the group, she continues to come around. I don’t think it’s because she has no other friends though like Scheana claims. It’s probably more likely because of contractual obligations to film with the rest of the cast. Let’s stop acting like this show is about an actual group of friends now. That point in time has come and gone. Scheana doesn’t appear to have many genuine buddies in the group either.

Raquel Leviss Vanderpump Rules

Raquel rightfully calls out James for his poor behavior at game night. Calling the love of his life and other people dumb isn’t the way to prove he’s ready for marriage. Acting like a total asshole might be natural for him, but he could lose Raquel if it doesn’t stop.

I have no clue how Raquel’s still able to put up with his crap after everything he’s done. She’s always making excuses fore him, and he continuously finds new ways to screw up. I sort of understand where he comes from because he doesn’t want her to overdo the plastic surgery. We’ve all seen people who’ve gotten far too many procedures done. James doesn’t want that for her.

Raquel’s making this more about having dominion over her own body which I’m totally for. However, even thought it’s a total dick, I don’t think he means bad with this. Something needs to change.

Katie Maloney sees the new bar for the first time, and she’s impressed at first. She invited herself to come check it out much to the chagrin of Sandoval. There’s still an obvious tension between the two, but everyone’s trying to make it work.

What I don’t like is Katie making secret comments to their business partner. She might be correct about a lot of it, but it’s not her place to be doing that. I can understand Sandoval’s frustration with her creeping in on his territory.

Their business partner likes the earlier part of their presentation, but the mission statement doesn’t work for him. It’s too many words. It’s a complete jumbled mess. Unfortunately for Sandoval, their business partner wants Katie to be more involved. She seems to understand more of the business side than either of the Toms. What it boils down to is Sandoval is so extra, and he’s making things more complicated than they need to be.

Lala Kent Vanderpump Rules

Katie’s hosting a man of mystery party which I’m not totally sure what that is. Anything to get dressed up and feel classy is a success in my book. Everyone looks like a James Bond dream.

Watching Katie do whatever she needs to do to make Sandoval squirm is worth watching this show. She knows exactly what’s going to piss him off, and she does it constantly. The idea of her getting more involved with the business

Scheana says everything with Lala is a mind fuck. There’s so much going on between the two, but on some level she wants to be friends. You can tell. They don’t waste any time getting to the point because Lala pulls her aside at Katie & Tom’s.

Scheana says Lala was acting like a “mean girl fucking bitch” at Lisa’s. Any impression that Lala was coming from a genuine place was shattered on that day. If she really cared about Scheana’s well being, she would’ve spoken to her privately. Instead she keeps waiting until the entire group is together to stir shit up.

Lala’s standing by her assertion that Scheana & Summer are her true concerns in all of this. However, it’s difficult for Scheana to trust her. There’s a history of Lala having horrible intention when it comes to Scheana. They’re agreeing to move past it, but it seems like only a matter of time before it happens again.

After speaking to Scheana, Lala goes outside to set things straight with Brock. Sandoval agrees not to chime in during the conversation, but it’s clearly hard for him to do that. He wants to have a moment every time anyone says anything. I’ve never seen more of a fame whore in my life. I sort of enjoyed him in the past, but he’s felt insufferable the last couple of seasons.

Charli Burnett Vanderpump Rules

Schwartz confides in Lisa about developing a guilt complex. He’s thinking he’s putting work above his family. As a result of the new venture, he’s unable to send cash to his family to help them out. It’s hard for him right now.

Things are a lot different for him than they are for Sandoval right now. Sandoval’s rolling in cash to use toward to the new business, but Schwartz is pinching pennies. I still think putting up his house as collateral for the loan is a horrible idea. They aren’t sound enough businessmen to make a large gamble like that.

Charli Burnett’s worried that with Lala & Scheana on good terms again, she’s an outsider. Lala hasn’t been the kindest to Charli, so that could be accurate. It’ll be interesting to see how Scheana acts if that happens with her around. Will she have her friend’s back, or will she keep the peace with Lala?

Things seem genuinely squashed between Brock & Lala. The same cannot be said for Lala & Sandoval. He’s choosing to bring up issues Lala thought they worked through. He wants her to stop picking fights with people, but he’s the one starting this one.


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