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Vanderpump Rules Recap: Mad Max Sandoval’s Fury Road

This season of Vanderpump Rules has felt painfully less interesting than previous ones. It’s likely due to the mass exodus of longtime cast members due to racial incidents. However regardless of what the reason is, thank you Lala Kent for at least trying. It it weren’t for her and Tom Sandoval, this season would be boring as hell.

Brock Davies doesn’t do it for me. I can’t get past all of the accusations being lobbied against him. He’s red flag central, and everyone in the group’s acting like it’s nothing. Scheana Marie, please get yourself far away from this man. Something’s off. I can feel it.

Sandoval’s commit to fashion in every scene is goals. All of the guys are off playing golf at the top of the episode, and he’s there to show off his outfit. You know he’s going to serve every single time. I’d argue he delivers more in the fashion department than most of the female cast members even.

The women on the other hand are stuck doing Pilates at the beginning of the episode. I’d much rather be on the golf course than working my core in some tiny sweaty room. Work smarter, not harder.

Sandoval talks to the guys about him and Lala Kent being on a hamster wheel of drama. Throughout the season, we’ve seen their relationship deteriorate even more. There’s a disconnect between the two that doesn’t appear to be getting better. They reach a ceasefire, but it doesn’t take long before it devolves yet again.

Katie Maloney doesn’t understand why Sandoval keeps interjecting in Lala’s drama. They both have a history of sticking their noses in everyone else’s business. Neither can stay in their own lane. However, I’m eternally thankful for the two of them working hard for their checks this season. Most of the other cast members seem to be on snooze fest autopilot.

Scheana alleges she has past trauma with Katie & Lala being mean girls. She wants them to shut their mouths when they keep bashing Sandoval. In typical Scheana fashion though, she only saves her comments for the confessionals. Why can’t she stick up for her friend in the moment? Sandoval’s proven he has Scheana’s back. Can she not return the favor?

Sandoval’s still attempting to come up with explosive cocktails for his new bar. So far the one’s he’s presented have been duds. Everything about this new business venture screams future failure. He has no clue what he’s doing, and neither does Tom Schwartz. Without Lisa Vanderpump, they have no chance in hell at making a go of this. It’s sad, but it’s true I’m afraid.

Katie Maloney Vanderpump Rules

The Toms‘ business partner wanting Katie to be more involved is only going to cause more problems. She’s annoying, but she also seems to have a better grasp on what they should do. Sandoval’s never going to accept this. Not a chance. Of course, this is going to keep Schwartz in the most uncomfortable position ever.

Sandoval’s focusing way too much on creating new cocktails for this bar. What he should be devoting more time to is the business aspect of things. Nothing’s honed in or focused with this new venture. Everything’s all over the place, and their business partner’s on the verge of pulling out. I can’t say that I blame him.

Once Upon A Tom is a far superior name than Schwartz & Sandy’s. The name Sandoval’s obsessed is way too much of a mouthful. The name is trash. Everyone thinks so. That is issue number one that I have with this project.

Sandoval tells Katie to get on the train for the bar or get off. That’s a bit harsh. The issue with Sandoval is his inability to accept feedback. His own enormous ego isn’t letting him be open to anyone’s ideas.

Schwartz honestly is garbage for letting Katie get treated like shit by Sandoval. He always stands there idly and watches as she’s verbally attacked by another man. He was more loyalty to his friend and business partner than he does his own wife.

James Kennedy Vanderpump Rules

Scheana’s having a difficult time with her post baby body. She’s sick of everyone having themed parties because she has to get into weird outfits. With her body not the way she likes it right now, she doesn’t want to attend. Scheana would be far more comfortable wearing baggy clothing while at these gatherings. MOOD.

Schwartz tells Katie he doesn’t like the way things ended the previous night. He accuses her of instigating things with Sandoval. Why can’t he ever support his wife? What kind of a crap marriage is this? He acts like their marriage means nothing. Bullshit.

Schwartz says having Katie involved is counterproductive to current goals. He wants to work with Katie in the future, but the current arrangement isn’t for the best. He openly kicks her out of it which is so awkward to watch. I don’t understand the dynamic of their marriage. I couldn’t imagine ever doing that to my wife. I’m only very newly married, but STILL.

James Kennedy visits someone who has been close friends with his father. He considers this man to be an important element to his sobriety. It’s been two years since James quit drinking, and the results are openly showing.

James has improved a lot since the man we used to see, but there’s still a lot that needs improvement. Working on his rage is the next step in his journey. He’s still smoking weed, so he doesn’t consider himself entirely sober. He feels powerless over weed because it helps take away the pain.

His father’s friend wants to help him get to a place where he doesn’t need the weed anymore. James has been smoking for as long as he can remember, so this is going to be difficult. It’s not impossible, but there’s still hope for him to get a clear head and off of everything.

Lala Kent Vanderpump Rules

Lala tells Katie she goes way harder for Schwartz than she’d ever do for him. Isn’t that the fucking truth? I used to be so against Katie, but as the years go on, I’m fully on her side. He’s a petulant child who is never going to grow up.

Ariana Madix understands where Katie’s coming from because she’d be pissed as well. It would suck. It’s not unreasonable for Katie to be upset after being unceremoniously ousted from the new bar. I totally get where she’s coming from.

At Sandoval’s, Scheana throws Lala & Katie under the bus for talking about him. I thought she was in a better place with Lala. Is this going to keep them on a good path? This seems like the last thing she should be doing if she wants to stay in a good place.

Schwartz makes a great point about Scheana not speaking up in the moment. It’s weak for her to sit there and say nothing and wait until she sees Sandoval to say something. Grow up and speak up.

Charli Burnett Vanderpump Rules

James stops by SUR to tell Lisa & Ken Todd about working on his anger issues. Lisa’s quick to acknowledge how much he actually needs this help. Damn right he does. This is the next logical step in his sobriety journey.

James tells Lisa he smokes weed every day, and this man is going to help him overcome it. Lisa doesn’t find weed to be harmful, but with James he relies on it. He needs weed to get through the day. That isn’t the best way to go about things because that’s not the best coping mechanism.

Katie’s happy that she and James are in a much better place. It’s crazy to watch James being one of the only people defending Katie against Sandoval. What a long way they’ve come from the animosity of the past. We love to see it because the growth is inspiring!

There’s a pool party for Brock’s birthday, and his friends seem questionable. The crowd he’s used to hanging out with look like TROUBLE. I could be judging too soon, but I think I’m right this time.

Katie & Lala confront Scheana and call her out for the inauthentic nature of her tattletale actions. If she wants to be friends with Katie, throwing her under the bus is NOT the move. Sandoval’s a big boy who can handle the ladies on his own. He doesn’t need Scheana’s faux outrage to help him along.

One of Brock’s friends gets way too handsy with Charli Burnett right out of the gate. You don’t just walk up to a woman and start grabbing her. Is this the type of company Brock keeps because that’s not surprising? It tracks.

Lala confronts Schwartz for not defending his wife against Sandoval’s tirades. As usual Schwartz does his shuffle shit and refuses to take a firm stance. It’s hurting Lala to see Katie be hurt by her own husband. His inability to defend Katie to his best friend is garbage, and it’s tired. GROSS TO WATCH.


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