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Tom Schwartz Teases More Drama Between Katie Maloney-Schwartz And Tom Sandoval On Vanderpump Rules

Vanderpump Rules may be in a whole new era, but that hasn’t stopped Tom Sandoval from getting involved in drama with the girls. During Season 8, the main problem was between Sandoval and Stassi Schroeder. Oh, and groomzilla Jax Taylor (I’ve chosen to just forget Jax entirely since he was replaced by Brock Davies and his own brand of messiness). Now that both of those OGs “left” the show, Sandy has found a new person to feud with — no one other than his best friend’s wife.

Katie Maloney-Schwartz and Sandoval have been going head-to-head during the first few Pump Rules episodes of the season. Namely, the feud is over the Toms’ next bar venture, which Tom Schwartz wants his Bubba to be involved in. The issue, so far, is the name — Sandoval wants to call it Schwartz & Sandy. Yes, it sounds like a dive bar. Lisa Vanderpump would NEVER do this if she was involved in this project.

The Toms friendship seems to be in jeopardy, which is strange considering they’re usually pretty solid. But mixing business with pleasure is a whole new ballgame. Sandoval is clearly very Type A, while Schwartz says the wrong things at the wrong time A LOT. Schwartzy’s idea of business casual is a mumu, let’s not forget. But you have to love his big ideas.

In a recent interview with Us Weeklythe Toms teased that the drama with Katie is far from over. Sandy told the fans to “see what happens” between the trio, while Schwartz wasn’t afraid to say it got really “ugly” at times. “It caused a lot of tension and probably the most tension that we’ve ever experienced in our friendship and our partnership,” Schwartz said. He added that he and Katie are in a “good spot” now. But this interview was probably before Schwartz made a tone-deaf Instagram caption about his wife not having a baby like her VPR friends. He might have another thing coming after that stunt.


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Schwartz elaborated that opening a bar is already a “test” considering the margin for failure. The already complicated industry, mixed together with the COVID-19 pandemic, has also added to the stress. “But it’s something we believe in. This isn’t a money grab. This is a passion project we believe in,” Schwartz said. As long as he’s not the one behind the bar making drinks, I’m totally supportive of the Toms making their own bar empire.

Sandoval also tried to explain his idea behind Schwartz & Sandy’s, which he outrageously compares to the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Like, what? “TomTom is TomTom, and that’s our collaboration with Lisa. But I feel like with the spot, as we step away from Ken [Todd] and Lisa, and we do our own thing, we want you to get to know us a little bit more, but still have our names in the name of the restaurant.” He claims now people will get to know their last names rather than just their identities as the Toms.

All I gotta say is I’ve seen the insides of the VPR cast’s homes for years, broken AC units and all. We’ve watched them at their lowest points, nursing a hangover in a mumu and all. I don’t think the title of a restaurant will help patrons get to know the Toms any better than the past 8+ seasons of VPR, but maybe I’ll be proven wrong.


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