Melissa Gorga Shares Her Daughter’s Reaction To Marital Issues With Joe Gorga

Not that anyone asked, but my reaction to Melissa Gorga and her husband’s “marital issues” was one giant eyeroll. Obviously children of the Real Housewives of New Jersey stars would interpret and process things in a much different way, but you might be hard-pressed to find an adult who actually believed that mess. I’m sure Melissa’s sister tucked away in a cave somewhere would agree.

Every Housewife gets in a rut. After numerous consecutive years on one show surrounded by the same people, environments get tired and cast gets stale. Some ladies are stale on arrival and manage to hang on anyway. Speaking of Melissa, last season fans saw something they never thought they would see on RHONJ. This was a hiccup in the solid, sexy marriage between Melissa and Joe Gorga. While viewers and Jennifer Aydin might not have bought it for a second, her kids apparently did, and that isn’t good at all.

Melissa might have a bad case of Stunt Queenitis, but that’s okay because her husband’s side of the family already suffers greatly from this affliction. For the past few seasons, Melissa’s storylines naturally revolved around trying to trick the audience into believing she and Teresa Giudice actually like each other. She also did a whole Boss Bitch scenario when she opened Envy, but Melissa has jumped the shark since joining RHONJ.

You remember Melissa’s secret sister that is now hiding out with her secret baby. Two interesting ways of trying to, keep her job – to be blunt. But these diversions from boredom only proved to be futile after lacking depth, a firm outline of events, and any type of resolution. Her storylines disappeared faster than anyone who has been engaged to Danielle Staub. One thing that usually sticks is… DIVORCE. Season 11 gave us Struggling Marriage Melissa. Unfortunately, her kids were less than amused.


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According to Us Weekly, 15-year-old Antonia Gorga is the latest child exposed to shitty things by the Gorga Family for ratings. Melissa said, “She [Antonia] would be like, ‘Why are [magazines and social media users] saying you’re getting a divorce? Why are they saying you’re fighting? What is this?’” This is Mom trying to get a check at the risk of harming developing young minds in her own family, but she’s just doing what Teresa also did so it’s cool.

Melissa explained to her, “Antonia, we’re on reality TV. It’s the littlest thing, and they make it a big thing. So everything is not what it seems”. Another rousing endorsement for having your kids on television. Melissa said Antonia understood but questioned if everything was okay and Melissa says, “that broke my heart”.


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Let’s all hope next season Melissa returns with something new and fresh that won’t upset or cause her children undue stress. Hopefully sweet Antonia can avoid her cousin’s legacy and not find herself on a depressing TikTok video that starts with, “Wakin’ up in the mornin’, thinkin’ about so many things…”


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