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Real Housewives Of New Jersey Taglines: Jennifer Aydin Flaunts Nose Job; Melissa Gorga Seemingly Shades New Jersey By Accident

It’s almost the best time of the year yet again — Real Housewives of New Jersey season. Watching my Jorsey girls is like putting on my favorite pair of sweatpants and nestling into the comfy spot on the couch. I can always expect them to be over-the-top and DELIVER everything I love about an amazing season of Real Housewives. Teresa Giudice is back (duh), but this time, she’s a newly engaged woman. Her relationship with the shady Luis Ruelas has people questioning his motives, but she’s in love love love. So in love that she’ll flip a table to prove it if she has to.

Margaret Josephs will be the target of Tre’s wrath when she brings up the questionable rumors about Luis‘ past. Dolores Catania is back, bringing a new boo with her. This time, she’s left Doctor David Principe in the dust, but Frank Catania is always in her orbit. Jennifer Aydin might never make nice with Melissa Gorga, but she’ll always make me laugh. As always, MelGo will seemingly have a fake podcast storyline and rely on Joe Gorga to make her interesting yet again. But Joey will have to face none other than his niece Gia Giudice, the unofficial seventh RHONJ lady. Bring. It. On.

As we near the premiere of RHONJEntertainment Tonight has revealed the ladies’ taglines this year. Thankfully, after wayyyy too long, Dolo and the Marge seemingly got new into photos. Because that was like 3 facelifts ago, honey. Unfortunately, Jackie and Jennifer are subjected to another round of their first season photos. Come on, Bravo, show the ladies some respect.

Let’s start with Tre. To the surprise of no one, she referenced her man in her catchphrase. “I have a new king, but I’m still the queen of New Jersey.” Damn right. And her upcoming celebration of love love love is like the royal wedding of Bravo. Tre Huggers rise up. Unfortunately, MelGo is also lacking when it comes to her tagline. “Some people are born great and some are born Jersey.” Alright so can people from New Jersey not be great?? What is this supposed to convey about her personality?? I’m confused.


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Marge also seems to reference the drama she gets involved in this season. “I say, when you have nothing to hide, there is nothing to lose.” Someone call Sheree Whitfield because it sounds like someone is trying to be the Bone Collector 2.0. I’m surprised Margaret didn’t reference her latest invention, high ponytails, in her tagline.

Jackie’s is also a bit bleh overall. “You don’t have to pay me a compliment, but you do have to pay me respect.” OK, I respect you when you’re not making analogies. However, I will probably never compliment your hair extensions. Hopefully, Jackie’s improved in that department during this next season, because it’s truly tragic.

Dolo seems to be referencing that she’s a bombshell. She is, so it’s iconic. “I don’t start the drama, but I will stop the show.” Bring on Patterson Dolores, baby, I’m ready. Finally, we have Jennifer who turned her tagline into a walking ad for Bill Aydin’s plastic surgery practice. “My nose may be new, but I can still smell a rat.” I wonder if this rat that she’s referring to likes the color green, with Envy (by Melissa Gorga). Have I mentioned that I can’t wait for RHONJ to be back?


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