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Margaret Josephs Claims She Put High Ponytails “On the Map” For Real Housewives Stars

Celebrities, and particularly reality stars, know that fans are always paying attention to their sense of style. Glam has become a reality TV character in and of itself. It’s even led to some stars *cough cough Erika Jayne* spending unfathomable amounts of money just to always look on point.

On Real Housewives, it’s not abnormal to see ladies from different cities, or even on the same show, wearing similar outfits. Think of Lisa Rinna and Kyle Richards‘ matching polka dot dresses from the last season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Or that pink blazer dress worn by Rinna, Erika, and Robyn Dixon in the span of just a few months. We cannot forget the “CHA” & “NEL” earrings, especially when Luann de Lesseps kept wearing them backward.

Oftentimes, I get bored by the constant reliance on glam on Real Housewives. It’s fun during confessionals and reunions, but I love seeing the girls live their day-to-day lives without glam squads, etc. It’s why I have a soft spot for the early seasons because it was an entirely different era. A few people can make it work — Christine Quinn from Selling Sunset probably dresses over the top to go to the grocery store. But other times, it seems like a cop-out for ladies like Erika or Dorit Kemsley when they don’t have an actual storyline going on.


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In the most recent absurd moment in Real Housewives fashion, Margaret Josephs is making some LOFTY claims about hair trends. The Real Housewives of New Jersey star debuted her pigtails on the show just a few seasons ago, but she’s had a pretty solid run so far. She’s a working woman with an interesting life story who also happens to be a drama magnet. Throwing someone’s husband in the pool? Iconic. While I can usually ride for the Marge, these recent claims she’s making in Us Weekly made me wonder if Danielle Staub knocked her brain out of whack when she pulled her hair.

So listen to this — Margaret is claiming she INVENTED the snatched power pony. Yes, the hairstyle I have been wearing every night out since 2014. “I put it on the map and someone tried to pull it right off my head,” Marge said. OK so why does Marge try to make her hairstyles such a thing? First, it was the pigtails, which were cute and fun. But girl, EVERYONE wears high ponytails. We’ve seen people, even Marge’s nemesis Jennifer Aydin, deal with hairline loss from sporting tight ponies too often. It’s nothing new, darling.


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There are many iconic hairstyles, and ponytails specifically, in the Bravoverse. Scheana Shay has been rocking the slick high pony since her early days of working at Sur on Vanderpump Rules. Gina Kirschenheiter is finally getting her hair together after a few seasons of an absolute horror show on her head. Denise Richardsraggamuffin look is a truly iconic ponytail. Don’t even get me started on the range of wigs we’ve seen.

But when I think of ponytails, the Marge is definitely nowhere near the top of my list. She continued to say that she’s almost turned off by the ponytail she claims to have created now that it’s so popular among Housewives’ stars. Sure, Danielle’s hair pull was iconic. But Marge, baby gorgeous, Ariana Grande invented the power pony. Go back to cornering the market on pigtails, that’s an easier claim to sell. Or just sport your pony tail, which she referred to as an “instant face life,” quietly without trying to take it as your own.


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