Summer House Star Lindsay Hubbard Says Carl Radke Is “The One”

We are only 4 episodes in on this season of Summer House, and we’ve barely cracked the surface. Barely. Craig Conover has just confessed to now-girlfriend Paige De Sorbo that he did indeed, perhaps, just maybe, get-together with former Hills star Kristin Cavallari. Who cares, they weren’t exclusive. Yet.

Besides this revelation, there’s still a whole lot of drama left to get to on the small screen. The infamous wine toss between Ciara Miller and Danielle Olivera. The visit of Austen Kroll and his continued pursuit of both Lindsay Hubbard and Ciara after leaving Winter House. The wedding of Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula. And my personal favorite, the revisit of an actual relationship between Lindsay and Carl Radke.

And while Craig may want to deflect things away from himself by throwing out the idea that Lindsay and Austen have been dating on the DL for four years (Look, squirrel). We know better. After all, the couple that coordinates Halloween costumes, and holidays together, stays together. Not to mention, despite initially denying their relationship status, both Carl and Lindsay have admitted they are solidly together. He’s got to be making her sandwiches, right?

Lindsay recently went on to Access Hollywood‘s “Housewives Nightcap” and dished that not only is the couple happy together, but that, “Carl is definitely the one. I think he’s always been the one for me.” How cute. I can’t help but agree that Carl, especially this version of Carl, would be a great source of stabilization for Linds.


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Lindsay went on to say, “And no, we don’t talk about the future as far as engagement, marriage, babies…you know, the typical ‘Lindsay line.’ But we do want the same things in our future and we want those things with each other. So when you have that stability and security within your relationship, it is a calm happiness.”

So wait, you’re telling me there’s no more timeline? I know that Lindsay went on Watch What Happens Live and said the same thing to Andy Cohen, but I have a hard time believing that her schedule was thrown out the window. After all, it was almost as much of a storyline last season as the unmade sandwiches.

According to Lindsay, though, “We are together all the time. We are very much in love [so] I don’t feel the need to put pressure on those bucket items. I know they will happen when the universe is ready for it to happen, so I don’t feel the need to force them.” Considering the couple lives in the same building, I’d say this a good thing. Fingers crossed that everything continues to go well for Carl and Linds.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]