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Brock Davies Still Hasn’t Spoken To His Children Despite Paying Back Child Support

Color me surprised. Brock Davies is a lot of things, but relatable he isn’t. Since his turn on Vanderpump Rules as Scheana Shay‘s baby daddy fiancé, he’s rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. Lala Kent being only one of them. While he might not be getting paid for his appearance, he has certainly brought the drama with him.

Brock was at the center of the feud between Lala and Scheana, as the former questioned his motives and the later ignored every red flag tossed her way. While Lala may have walked back her feelings in the wake of her split with Randall Emmett, the flags still stand on the field. In my opinion, at least.

Scheana and Lala should have been bonding over new babies Summer Moon Honey Davies and Ocean Kent Emmett. Instead, they butted heads over Brock‘s lack of attention to his other two children, Winter and Eli. Children who Brock hadn’t seen in years.

We never did get a straight answer from Brock about why he can’t see his children. Not on VPR. And definitely not on the reunion show, where he spent most of his time making underhanded comments every time Lala spoke. Not a good look Brock. Not a good look.


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Even when queried by Andy Cohen, Brock spoke a lot of words, but gave no real answer. He merely contradicted himself and had to be corrected by Scheana several times. Clearly Scheana was the only one to memorize the story they were putting out. Insert a Lisa Vanderpump eyeroll here.

The best I could make out, is that Brock put his hands on his first baby mamma and was slapped with a restraining order. He failed to pay any child support and couldn’t see his kids until he paid up. Yet, purchasing a ring for Scheana with three different credit cards and starting a business from scratch, while borrowing money from his new baby mamma, prenup aside, took precedence. As you do.

Brock has finally paid off his late child support. Yay you. However, according to Us Weekly, despite paying off the debt in early February, Brock has yet to even speak to his children. Say what now?


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“That’s going to be a long one to fix. The damage was done with me and [their mom]. Now it’s just a waiting game. Obviously, we’ll move that along as much as we can. Respectfully, because there are kids involved.” I just don’t understand. Sorry, not sorry.

Brock went on to say, “I’ve done the right things. [I’m] getting there. So hopefully we get to build that relationship sooner rather than later. But in time. That’s all it takes.”

Time, and perhaps some effort? Don’t even get me started on the fact that Brock and Scheana are currently planning a destination wedding that is not going to be in Australia, where his children could attend, but somewhere else entirely.


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“Right now, I just want to work on phone calls and then if I can go home once a month, I’ll fly home for the week. Like, for four days. Go home, see them on the weekend, come back here. That’s the ideal situation.” No Brock, that is nothing close to ideal. Just no.


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