Teresa Giudice And Joe Gorga Reignite Feud In “Real Housewives Of New Jersey” Reunion Trailer

It’s hard to believe another season of the Real Housewives of New Jersey has already come and gone. You know what they say — time flies when you’re having fun (or, at least, you’re thoroughly entertained). The Jorsey girls brought their A-game as always. Teresa Giudice flipped a table, there was a nightmare couples’ trip to Nashville, and the husbands engaged in some truly head-turning shenanigans.

The RHONJ crew has plenty to talk about during the upcoming reunion. Tre’s new lover Luis Ruelas will have some explaining to do about his past, which is Tre’s worst nightmare. The rumors have resulted in a friendship-ending feud between Teresa and Margaret Josephs due to Marge’s questions about Luis. In fact, it has seemingly caused tension in Tre’s relationships with Jackie Goldschneider, Melissa Gorga, and even Dolores Catania.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Aydin’s been watching from the sidelines, but for good reason. She’s still getting over Margaret exposing Bill Aydin’s affair from over a decade ago. There was plenty of Giudice vs. Gorga drama, with a grown-up Gia Giudice in the mix, and it has added plenty of fuel for what’s sure to be an explosive reunion.

E! News released the trailer for the 3-part RHONJ reunion that gives us a tease of what’s in store. As always, the clip centers around Teresa’s tensions with Joe Gorga and MelGo, because that’s literally the basis of the show. Tre kicks off the clip by talking down to her brother, saying that she should be “slapping him upside his f–king head” for talking about Luis. It’s dumbfounding that even after a season full of mess, Teresa still thinks her aggressive methods of “protecting” Luis are warranted.  Joey G. begs Tre to “be a sister once in a while” before calling her a “f–king Moron” under his breath. I’m no expert on Tre’s logic, but that might have been enough for him to be disinvited from his own sister’s wedding.

Teresa vs. Tarzan continues throughout the trailer. She even calls her brother a “b*tch boy” which seemingly sends him over the edge. Joe stomps off the stage after telling his sister to stop putting him down. “I’m done. F–k you people,” he yells. “You know what? I quit.” Melissa and her binder full of fake storyline ideas are not going to be on board with this idea, methinks.

Unlike Teresa, MelGo stood up for her man. “You remember who’s been here through all your sh*t,” Melissa says to his sister-in-law. “‘Family, family, I love family,” Bullsh*t.” Tre is really on one this episode. She definitely has some extra confidence thanks to that rock on her finger. She is seen in one moment twirling on stage calling herself the “fairest of them all” like a 5-year-old dressed up like a princess. I appreciate Tre for all she gives to the show, but this is a lot, even for her.

Dolores also finds herself in some hot water during this reunion. Frank Catania, her ex-husband but permanent bestie, reveals that he’s not a fan of Dolo’s new guy. We all know the Catania family loved David Principe, but Paul Connell seemingly isn’t getting the same fuzzy welcome. Dolores also gets into it with Jennifer, to no one’s surprise. She even calls her the C-word at one point after Jennifer says that “Dolores had a hidden agenda.” Pass the popcorn.

Jennifer also loses her cool when her marriage issues with Bill surface as a result of Marge revealing his affair. “Bill, please clear the f–king air,” Jennifer pleads to her husband. “F–king talk Bill.” I don’t blame her — he’s the one who effed up. Yet, Jennifer’s been the one staying strong and covering for him. It’s time for him to own his mess so they can really move on together.

There is so much to unpack in this one RHONJ reunion trailer. Jackie and Tre’s short-lived friendship is over as a result of Tre’s behavior in Nashville. Tre tells Margaret to shut up a few times. Andy has a meltdown because everyone is talking over one another, even though Tre was told by a doctor she wasn’t allowed to yell. But, we all already knew that she was the world’s worst listener. Oh, I can’t forget the moment where Andy asks Dolores to explain a strange occurrence involving “drunk Melissa finger-banging [her].” Honestly, Dolo needs to own up to her past with the Gorgas. However, we don’t exactly need all of the details. I’m sure we’ll find out way more than we bargained for once the RHONJ reunion kicks off.

Check out the Real Housewives of New Jersey trailer below.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]