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Joe Gorga Says Gia Giudice Is “Just Too Young” To Be Involved In Drama On Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Teresa Giudice has been raging this season on Real Housewives of New Jersey. Margaret Josephs asked questions about Teresa’s fiancé, Luis “Louie” Ruelas’ past. And then there was that bizarre video, which set the RHONJ cast talking. Teresa would like Margaret to butt out of her romance.

Last season, Teresa spread an unfounded rumor that Jackie Goldschneider’s husband, Evan Goldschneider, was having an affair. Jackie hit back with an analogy that Teresa’s daughter, Gia Giudice, did drugs. Teresa was furious.

Teresa’s bestie, Jennifer Aydin, claimed that she was digging for dirt about Evan “to appease” Teresa. Finally, after allowing Jennifer to take all the heat, Teresa admitted that she asked her to look for incriminating information. When Margaret told Jackie that Teresa played Nancy Drew, she was pissed.

Before Dolores Catania’s charity softball game, Teresa texted her co-stars and requested that they wear her athletic line for the event. She had given them the clothing during the treescape meltdown. When Teresa, and Gia arrived, they immediately wanted the ladies to change into the workout garb.

In a clip from RHONJ shared by bravohousewives Instagram page, Margaret responded, “No. We’re good.” Then Gia decided to channel her inner Housewife and jump into the drama. “You’re all wearing the same thing anyways. We’re all wearing black leggings,” Gia remarked. “She supports you guys with everything.” I still feel like Gia is 10 years old.

According to Reality Blurb!, the cast discussed Gia’s involvement in the drama on the RHONJ: After Show. “I don’t need to launch someone else’s line while we’re there and I don’t want to talk about it,” Margaret stated. “This is about the charity and Dolores and all the good things she does.”

Jackie wasn’t going to wear Teresa’s line because Teresa “was pushing somebody to dig for information on my husband [Evan Goldschneider] so [she] could destroy my family.” Jackie added, “I’m not going to be a f-cking walking billboard for your new brand.”

Teresa shaded Margaret and Jackie for refusing to change their clothes. “Jennifer wore it. Dolores, this was her event, and Dolores actually changed. And Melissa put them on,” Teresa said. “It’s like everybody that I thought would. Jackie’s a follower. Margaret didn’t do so Jackie didn’t do it.”

As for Gia involving herself in the situation? Teresa was here for it. “It felt good because I don’t have too many people sticking up for me,” Teresa commented. Say what now? What about Dolores and Jennifer?


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Teresa’s brother, Joe Gorga, didn’t want to see Gia mixing it up with the Jersey ladies. “I think she’s just too young right now to get involved. I just want her to go be happy, be a [then-20-year-old] and just go enjoy her life,” Joe explained. “She’s been through enough sh-t in her life. Just don’t get involved in this stuff.”

Joe’s wife, Melissa Gorga, admitted that it was awkward. “Margaret is essentially like a 52-year-old woman. To even try to have a conversation with a 20-year-old is just weird,” she said.

Jackie added that it’s “very uncomfortable” to be involved in a disagreement with someone’s child. “I was upset,” Margaret commented. “I was like, ‘Gia’s a nice young woman. She doesn’t need to be in this drama.’”

This isn’t the first time that Gia dabbled in the drama department. She slammed Joe as “disrespectful” because of the comments that he made about her father, Teresa’s ex-husband “Juicy” Joe Giudice. They argued, and later made up, but Joe was hurt by Gia’s comments.

It seems like Gia is looking for a Housewives paycheck next season.


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