Lindsay Hubbard And Austen Kroll Follow Each Other On Social Media Again

As we head into June, the cold war between Lindsay Hubbard and Austen Kroll may be thawing. These two called it quits on social media when Linds unfollowed Austen after the most cringe episode of Watch What Happens Live in modern Bravo history. During the episode, Austen was repeatedly prompted to pick from either Lindsay or his other love interest in the Summer HouseCiara Miller.

Austen relentlessly selected Ciara over Lindsay in the game. Even for the most mundane prompts. It was really painful and seemingly cruel. It’s like he forgot Linds was in the front row of the audience. Or more like, he has no consideration for anyone in his orbit? At the time Lindsay shared how painful it was saying, “Thank God [Austen’s sister] was there because I was holding her hand, like, the world was coming to an end!”

Lindsay then unfollowed Austen on social media saying, “I can’t be [OK] with keeping that kind of person in my life. Like, I spend so much time caring and nurturing for my friendships and being the best friend I can be to everyone around me.”

Lindsay announced, “If it’s not going to be reciprocated [after] almost four years of friendship and if it’s still not there, then I don’t need to train a 34-year-old man how to be a good friend to me.” Women everywhere would love it if you did, though.

Maybe, just maybe, things are changing for Austen? According to @queensofbravoLindsay and Austen are back to following eachother on Instagram. I guess Lindsay needed a little more backwards hat and toothless grin content in her life? Or has Austen actually stepped it up? There’s like no way, right?

Indeed, there is not. The post shared by @queensofbravo also included a video clip originally posted to Kyle Cooke’s Instagram story. Apparently, Lindsay allowed Austen back into her social media world so that he could “vote for her” for an MTV nomination. Convenient! How’s that for nurtuing a friendship?

Austen has all but run dry on friends, so he better be grateful for this moment. Even his bestie Craig Conover stopped talking to him over the Lindsay and Ciara drama during the latest season of Summer House. And the trailer for Southern Charm shows Shep Rose putting Austen in his place as well. We love to see it.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]