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Teddi Mellencamp Says That Her Father John Mellencamp “Really Got Annoyed” When She Cried On Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum Teddi Mellencamp has been open about the fact that she was fired from the show after Season 10. Teddi had a rep for being boring on RHOBH, as co-star Sutton Stracke once noted.

Well, folks, Sutton wasn’t wrong. Teddi popped out of her father, musician John Mellencamp’s shadow, and tried to capture our interest for three seasons. Other than being Kyle Richards’ bestie and playing a pivotal role in “puppy gate,” Teddi didn’t have much going on.

Teddi texted producers, “I’ve trended on Twitter every single week from hate, and you aren’t giving me anything else but the negative. I need you to show my life in some other capacity.” The ax fell a weeks later, much to Teddi’s surprise.

Teddi has even blamed her lack of glam for her firing. The accountability coach admitted that she no longer misses being on RHOBH. Sure. Now she is co-hosting a podcast with former Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Judge, called Two T’s In a Pod.

Heavy. reported that Teddi discussed her father’s feelings about her being part of RHOBH on Melissa Gorga’s podcast, Melissa Gorga on Display. Teddi said, “The only thing that he really got annoyed with me is when I cried. Because in our family, we’re not–he does not do well with crying.”

She continued, “Unless something really terrible happens like there’s a death, like there’s not like crying, like you’re not having an argument and then you cry. And he could not understand my first season, like I think Erika [Jayne] said like something to me, and my eyes — I didn’t know how to handle it and he was like, ‘That’s not who you are, I’ve never known you to cry like that. What is happening?’” Teddi remarked. “I’m like, ‘I think it was the pressures of the camera. It was something added to it.’”

Not the sympathetic fatherly reaction I was expecting. Teddi added that her father would have preferred her to “take those girls down” instead of crying.

In February of 2018, Teddi discussed her father’s fondness for RHOBH during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live. “He actually called me today and goes, ‘I don’t know what my life is coming to because I had to call my assistant today to go what time is the Housewives on,’” Teddi stated. Apparently, John doesn’t enjoy Teddi squabbling with co-star Dorit Kemsley. Teddi’s famous father also wondered why Teddi wanted to sign up for a reality show.

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“I think his reaction was kind of similar to anybody who says why would you do the show?” Teddi commented. “And I just said, ‘You know, I just have this feeling. I want to do it. I think there’s a lot of fun to be had. I think there’s a lot to learn and if I’m true to who I am then I can’t really have anything to lose,’” she said.

Teddi joined the Season 3 cast of Celebrity Big Brother, and even though her father didn’t understand what she was doing, he was behind her. Teddi was the first person evicted from the CBB house. Ouch!

According to heavy., Teddi talked about her father’s support on Entertainment Tonight Canada. “He was like ‘Teddi, we are so proud of you. Like you played the game with integrity and like that is the kind of daughter that I’m like so proud to have because that shows how I raised you and we didn’t always get to see the full you on Housewives and you showed who you are and I love you,’” Teddi shared. “And so that made me feel so good because that’s how I wanted to come out of this game,” she added.


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