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Erika Jayne Says No One Can Replace Lisa Rinna On Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills; Says “She’s The Goat”

Erika Jayne is speaking out following her bestie and fellow villain, Lisa Rinna’s shocking exit from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. No one expected or saw this coming. I certainly didn’t. As much as I wanted Lisa to be off my tv screen, I didn’t think Bravo would take my requests, along with the thousands of other fans, seriously. Her earlier years with Eileen Davidson and Kim Richards were pretty great. But her last few seasons, especially after she turned on Denise Richards, were just horrific to watch. She grew increasingly unlikeable, evil, and calculated. And sorry, Rinna, no matter how much you thought you brought to this group, it wasn’t enough to keep you around.

In Rinna’s statement to People, she said, “This is the longest job I have held in my 35 year career and I am grateful to everyone at Bravo and all those involved in the series.” She added, “It has been a fun eight-year run and I am excited for what is to come!”

Lisa is, well, used to be, part of a group on the show called the Fox Force Five. Featuring Dorit Kemsley, Teddi Mellencamp (who is no longer a housewife), Kyle Richards, Erika, and Rinna. After running the show for several seasons, I believe a new leaf has turned, and the mean girls are finally about to get what they’ve been dishing out for so long.

But before that, we still have to wait for Bravo to let us know who’s officially returning and who isn’t. My guess is that we’ll still get several more years with Garcelle Beauvais and Sutton Stracke. I also think Kyle will forever be in play as an OG who hasn’t burned her bridge yet. And I also feel one more vet will be departing us as well. And I’m not counting Diana Jenkins, as she should’ve been fired before she even filmed.

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Page Six reported about Erika’s interaction with TMZ, where they asked her who she thought could fill Lisa Rinna’s shoes following her exit. “They can’t. She’s the GOAT. She’s the f–king GOAT,” Erika said. “I’m going to miss Lisa very much.”

“I mean, obviously, I think she’s a very close friend of mine in my personal life, so you know, I will still see her, but she will be missed and I think everyone will feel it,” she continued. And as much as I hate to say it, I think she’s right. However, these shakeups are good. We can’t continue to rely on Rinna and EJ to give us villainous moments. All of the ladies have to pull their weight, but it has to be organic. Not planted and rehearsed.

When asked if she thought Lisa Vanderpump, the first queen of RHOBH, should return to the show, Erika said, “She’s a coward that ran away and couldn’t show up for the reunion and, so, I don’t think that’s a good fit.”


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