SUMMER HOUSE -- "Pantry Passion" Episode 304 -- Pictured: Paige DeSorbo -- (Photo by: Mark Sagliocco/Bravo)

Paige DeSorbo Is Shocked And Thinks It’s “Hilarious” That Craig Conover Announced He Plans On Getting Engaged Before Thanksgiving

Summer House is turning into the House of Spouses. All of the OGs are, in some ways more than others, growing up. Amanda Batula and Kyle Cooke are married, but that doesn’t mean Kyle is done getting drunk and acting up in the shared house’s kitchen late on the weekends. However, he no longer has Carl Radke by his side fully.

Carlito is 100% focused on his now-fiancée Lindsay Hubbard. The Carl and Lindsay relationship is causing tension throughout the house, some of which seem unwarranted and like plain old hate. There are barely any single people on Summer House anymore. It’s like an unrecognizable show.

Paige DeSorbo is also in a serious relationship with none other than Southern Charm’s sewing king Craig Conover. Craige is full speed ahead in their relationship, whether we like it or not. The couple often is just a big question mark to me. Their first foray at living together on Winter House wasn’t the smoothest of rides. And we can’t ignore Craigy’s downright disrespectful behavior toward his longtime girlfriend Naomie Olindo before Paige came into the picture.

Although, Paige and Craig are, in many ways, one and the same. They are both messy at heart and love a little drama. They also love to ignore the “haters” who point out the reddish flags in their relationship. Despite that, Paige and Craig have plans to be a Bravo power couple one way or another. Craig might be eyeing a spinoff with his boo, but we already know he wouldn’t even watch it.

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Craig has also made it clear he has big plans to propose. He dropped a bomb last year on Watch What Happens Live that he plans on putting a ring on Paige’s finger by this upcoming Thanksgiving. That seems full-speed ahead. Apparently, no one was more shocked by Craig’s little timeline than Paige herself. That doesn’t sound good.

Paige spoke to Page Six about her relationship with Craig. And whether or not she’s going wedding dress shopping anytime soon. Paige apparently had no idea Craig was going to drop that bomb publically. Craig chalked his random answer up to being “nervous” and not wanting to seem like he “didn’t love” his girlfriend. So, he spit out a date. Seems like Classic Craig, but I could also see him getting down on one knee without even asking Paige her ring size beforehand. The ultimate no-no for a fashionista like her.

While Paige wasn’t mad about Craig’s surprising answer, she doesn’t seem sure whether or not she’s ready to quit long distance with her boo yet. “The whole November thing, I think he literally pulled that out of thin air,” Paige said. “You know, the man can’t be trusted. Such a random month!” Oh god. While I selfishly would love to watch the epic display that would be Craige’s wedding, he might need to pump the breaks a little bit. Maybe he’s just getting swept up by his co-stars’ cases of wedding fever.


[Photo Credit: Mark Sagliocco/Bravo]