Real Housewives Of Potomac Season 7 Reunion Recap Part 1: Ashley Darby’s Divorce Disaster

After a season of lethal shade, drinks flying, outlandish accusations, and so much more, the Real Housewives of Potomac Season 7 reunion is finally here. And, of course, the first part didn’t disappoint. However, in case you missed it, here are the five main takeaways. 

Ashley Updates Viewers About Her Relationship With Michael

After seven years of cringey behavior, Ashley Darby finally called it quits with her soon-to-be ex-husband, Michael Darby. This news isn’t surprising for fans of the show as Michael has been at the center of RHOP controversy since the early days. If you remember Season 1, Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon called Michael out for squeezing Katie Rost’s fiancé’s butt. This memorable moment went down during Charisse Jackson Jordan’s birthday party. And if that wasn’t enough, a Real Housewives cameraman pressed charges against Michael after he allegedly grabbed their butt, too. Needless to say, Ashely kicking this man to the curb has always been the move. We’ve just been waiting on her. 

However, it may not have been beneficial for her. Ashley revealed that despite signing a prenup and adding some additional clauses, Michael’s lawyers were just too damn good. Basically, Ashely gets no alimony, no spousal support, and nothing else to help her live her life after putting up with a lying, cheating creep of a man for so long. Whew. Ashley, I feel bad for you. And I’m so sad things between her and Luke Gulbranson didn’t work out. But who knows, maybe Season 8 will feature new love. 

Mia’s Health Update

At the beginning of the season, Gizelle and Robyn were in the hot seat for questioning Mia Thornton about her cancer scare. From the premiere episode, Mia was bothered by their line of questioning. They weren’t alone in their thinking. We ALL had questions, and we all wanted answers. 

Although Mia didn’t have cancer, she revealed she is still under care and is still taking medication. Eventually, she told Robyn and the rest of the cast that she was considering a hysterectomy and that she could relate to Gizelle as she showcased the same journey on the show. 

Andy Cohen asked Mia if she thought her body was rejecting the many cosmetic surgeries she’s had, and although she doesn’t know for sure, she did say the thought crossed her mind. Either way, I’m happy that she’s healthy and cancer free.

Wendy And Mia Are Still At Odds

Since the beginning of the season, Mia and Wendy Osefo have been at war. From their initial fight in South Beach over Peter Thomas to their rehashed squabble in Mexico, it’s safe to say these ladies are in no way close to burying the hatchet. 

If you recall the scene at the beginning of the season, Wendy was caught on a hot mic admitting she believed Mia was lying about her cancer scare. But in front of the group, she was adamant that Mia didn’t need to share her story with anyone else. 

So which is it? Either you agree with the other ladies that her story seems fishy, or you’re on her side that the rest of the cast should mind their business. But it can’t be both. 

Regardless, the ladies couldn’t make much progress during this first part of the reunion. But with two more epic parts coming our way, getting to a better place of resolve between these two queens is entirely possible. We’ll have to keep watching to see. 

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Mia And Her Family Business

Although we still don’t know precisely what Mia does, we know that she and Gordon Thornton ran into some trouble this past year when her family members stole her money. The story is confusing. And as Mia tried her best to explain it to Andy and her co-stars, no one could follow along. 

Apparently, there’s a board of managing members. At first, Mia said there were three sitting board members, one being Gordon and the other two being his brother and another partner. From there, Mia explained how the other two votes were enough to overpower Gordon’s one vote, which is how they lost control of their businesses. After Andy and the other ladies started asking questions, Mia’s story changed. Now there are eight sitting board members, and so on. 

Honestly, I don’t really care about Joint Chiropractic or Mia’s businesses. When and if it becomes a legal issue like Gizelle mentioned it could turn into, then ring me. But until then, if you want me to tune into Mia’s personal storyline, make sure it’s something worth talking about. 

Candiace And Gizelle Round 1

After a long season of defending her man, her man, her man, Candiace Dillard Bassett, is COMING for Gizelle. But quite frankly, who is surprised here? Gizelle and Candiace have been at odds since the beginning of the season when Gizelle told the cast that Chris Bassett made her feel uncomfortable at the RHOP Season 6 reunion. 

One of the things viewers hoped they would get during the season was an actual sit-down between Candiace/Chris, and Gizelle — but that never happened. It’s one of the reasons this storyline between Chris and Gizelle felt so abrupt and unresolved. Candice made it clear she wanted to avoid speaking with Gizelle. Chris was hardly anywhere to be found this year. 

But as part one of the reunion headed toward a close, things started to pick up between the two Housewives as they aired their grievances. It’s sad to see two former friends going at it the way Candiace and Gizelle did, but hey, part two looks even better. 


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