Real Housewives Of Potomac Season 7 Reunion Part 2: The Ladies Attempt To Move Forward After A Season Of Drama

The Real Housewives of Potomac continues to deliver. The drama between the ‘wives has been boiling since the series premiere, and now, we’re finally getting answers to some of our most pressing questions. 

Last week’s episode ended with Candiace Dillard Bassett reading Gizelle Bryant for filth. Here are five main takeaways from the RHOP Season 7 Reunion, Part 2. 

Candiace And Wendy Come For Gizelle

Fans of the Real Housewives of Potomac expect Gizelle to stir the pot. A major storyline for Seasons 6 and 7 focused primarily on Gizelle’s accusations about Dr. Wendy Osefo’s husband, Eddie Osefo, and Candiace’s husband, Chris Bassett

When Wendy first appeared on the show in Season 5, she and Gizelle quickly became good friends. Things worsened after Gizelle brought a rumor that Eddie was cheating on Wendy to the forefront. Despite their already thriving friendship, Candiace and Wendy formed an even deeper connection in Season 7 after both being victims of Gizelle’s schemes. 

This led to a deeper conversation at the reunion around some of the ladies feeling like Gizelle isn’t as authentic as she claims to be. If there’s an issue between us from 6 months ago, and you wait to bring it up while we’re filming–yeah, that could be seen as calculated behavior. Both Wendy and Candiace have a right to be upset. 

Gizelle Opens Up

Throughout this season, fans have seen Gizelle’s emotional health journey up close and personal. After mulling over the information needed to decide if she would have a hysterectomy, Gizelle revealed she had the procedure. However, it didn’t go as smoothly as she had hoped. 

Gizelle told Andy Cohen that her surgery process was actually “traumatic.” After being told the procedure would be 3.5 hours, it ended up being eight. Bryant said her daughters were fearful because they stopped receiving updates from inside the operating room for several hours.

Many fans have continued to call Gizelle out for not being as open as she demands many of her co-stars be on RHOP. Gizelle argued that she shares her personal life, the highs, and the lows. If production chooses not to show it, then that’s their decision. Now that she’s confirmed to be dating Jason Cameron from Winter House, Gizelle said if they are still dating during Season 8 of the Real Housewives, fans will get to see it. 

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Wendy Gets Emotional With Mia

During their conversation about Mia Thornton and Wendy’s South Beach beef, I was surprised to see Wendy get so emotional as it was happening. “It took everything in me not to beat the sh-t out of you,” Wendy said after discussing Mia’s infamous drink toss. 

This is unsurprising as Wendy and her family have been coming for Mia for months since the scene first aired. “Well, well well! Ugly inside out!! CRATER face Mia!! A bombastic, ignorant, nonsensical, baseless, [wannabe] CEO trouble maker,” Wendy’s mom shared on Instagram. And Dr. Wendy kept the same sentiment at the reunion, slamming Mia for “assaulting” her, adding she will “never f–k” with her because of it. 

While this conversation stirred up a lot of emotion in Wendy, it also opened the door to a more extensive discussion on colorism. 

The Real Housewives Of Potomac Open Up About Colorism In Their Group

Colorism has been a topic discussed on RHOP before. Candiace and Monique Samuels have seemingly received harsher feedback and criticism from fans, co-stars, and producers for their “aggressive behavior.” In contrast, many feel lighter-skinned women like Robyn Dixon and Mia don’t get the same push-back because of their complexion. 

Although Gizelle and Robyn disagreed that Candiace and Wendy are labeled negatively because of their skin color Ashley Darby acknowledged the privilege she receives as a lighter-skinned woman compared to others. Even then, the ladies still didn’t agree on how colorism shows up within their group. But this segment was a healthy start to a bigger conversation. Candiace tweeted, “Truly appreciate everyone else for their constructive and thoughtful contributions the conversation on colorism. Wish we could have shown more and spoken longer. #RHOP.” 

Mia vs. Jacqueline

We’re finally seeing more of Jacqueline Blake after a few weeks of nothing, and things are just as heated between her and Mia as when we last saw them on screen together. Like many fans, Jacqueline and Mia said they are sad about how things played out between them, and I wonder if they can ever get back on track. 

Based on how the episode ended, I assume the answer is no. Mia pulled out her receipts, and Jacqueline did the same. However, the shady RHOP editors gave us viewers the forbidden cliffhanger, and unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until the reunion’s conclusion to see what happens next. 


[Photo by: Paul Gilmore/Bravo]