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Tamra Judge Addresses Reported Delay With Season 17 Of Real Housewives Of Orange County

It seems as though Real Housewives is experiencing a crisis across franchises. With fans complaining, lowered ratings, and cast controversies, Bravo has a real problem on its hands. It’s resulted in reboots, spin-offs, and most of all, delays in production.

One such franchise going through a delay is Real Housewives of Orange County. After another dismal season, OG Tamra Judge was begged asked to come back. We can only assume in the hopes of reigniting some of the drama RHOC was known for. Because we all know Heather Dubrow didn’t do it with her return.

Given that filming wrapped in November of 2022 and we still don’t have a release date, it’s giving some serious “we have another bomb of a season on our hands” vibes. But heavy. is reporting that Tamra addressed the rumors herself. She took to an episode of her podcast, Two T’s In A Pod to discuss.

Co-host and former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fan least-favorite Teddi Mellencamp shared the rumors that are going around. According to what she’s heard, RHOC’s Season 17 is delayed “because producers are editing the trailer and the whole season, putting Gina [Kirschenheiter] as a friend and Taylor [Armstrong] as a main housewife after realizing that the first one gave another flop performance.”

Gina has been a full-time cast member since Season 13. Taylor, another RHOBH alum, announced she was joining RHOC in August 2022. Taylor has been living in the area and rumors of her making the jump have been circulating for a while. But now that it’s finally come to fruition, she’s the first housewife to ever change franchises.

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Back to Tamra’s tea. It’s not much tea at all. In response to Teddi’s reporting, Tamra said she had not “heard anything about that.” She added, “I would be absolutely shocked at this point that they would do that. I think people are just trying to find reasons for it being delayed. So I don’t believe any of that. I would be really shocked if that was the case, I think that people are just trying to stir up s–t to try to figure out why the show’s delayed.”

The well-known reality TV star then used other franchises as an example of delays that really turned out to be nothing notable. “If I wasn’t mistaken I think I heard that [The Real Housewives of New Jersey] was delayed like six or seven months as well from the time they stopped filming to the time they aired,” Tamra remarked. Can we get a fact-check on that?

Back in May of 2022, Gina had to address the ongoing gossip that she was demoted to a “friend of.” She wrote in a DM to a curious fan, “Wasn’t demoted.”

Regardless of the delay, Tamra is confident about her return to the show and said at BravoCon that she “saved” the franchise. When Gina and fellow cast member Emily Simpson were asked about Tamra’s comments, they seemed less convinced.

Gina told Access Hollywood that she and Emily “have been keeping [the show] alive for a lot of years.” Girl, what!? I have never heard one fan say this anywhere ever. But she did clarify that she’s “happy” Tamra came back to the show. For her part, Emily replied, “I think it was good that they asked her to come back.”


[Photo Credit: Bryan Bedder/Bravo via Getty Images]