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Real Housewives Of New Jersey Season 13 Episode 5 Recap: Margaret Josephs And Jennifer Aydin Are Back At Each Other’s Throats

We’re well enough into Real Housewives Of New Jersey Season 13 to get a feel for how the season will play out. The fans are much better acquainted with the new girls mixing things up in Jersey. And we’re all watching the seeds being planted for the ultimate breakdown of Teresa Giudice’s relationship with her brother and Melissa Gorga. It’s like Tre’s wedding to Luis Ruelas is the countdown to chaos.

The latest RHONJ episode features a bunch of fighting about a whole lot of nonsense. Margaret Josephs and Jennifer Aydin are back to exchanging low blows. Even though barely anyone has any idea what they’re arguing about anyway. Here are five of the main takeaways from the Season 13 episode titled, “Driving Miss Crazy.”

Melissa And Tre Are Covering Their Tracks

Tre and MelGo keep giving fans a glimpse of what’s to come with the breakdown of their relationship. Tre goes wedding shopping with two of her dorters this episode, and they discuss the awkwardness surrounding Melissa at the love bubble party. Gia Giudice reveals that the last time she felt like they were all united as a family was the summer before Tre started dating Luis. Very interesting. The girls also mention how Tre wanted to ask Joe Gorga at her party to walk her down the aisle at the wedding. Now they’re barely speaking. Tre ominously says she’s positive that Joe wouldn’t skip out on her wedding. “If he doesn’t come to your wedding then it’s wraps. It’s over with. Never speaking to you again,” Milania Giudice says. Girl, you’ve got another thing coming.

MelGo takes a different approach with her oldest kid. She takes Antonia Gorga out to practice driving and they discuss the tension with Tre and her family. Antonia mentions that the drama isn’t affecting the cousins, who still hang out all the time. MelGo encourages Antonia not to hold a grudge against her Zia Teresa even if Joe is upset. Well, that might be easier said than done considering the status of Tre and the Gorgas these days.

All Is Not Well In The Aydin House

Jennifer Aydin started off the season with a bang by getting into it with almost everyone. Miraculously, she and MelGo found a way to make up and they go out to lunch together during the episode. Jennifer tries to stir the pot and tell MelGo dirt on Marge, but Melissa isn’t having it. During the conversation, Jennifer reveals a bit about how her life at home is going. She complains to Melissa that Bill Aydin wants more kids, but he doesn’t take care of them. “It’s almost like he’s my boss, I’m in charge of taking care of his kids, and when I’m not doing a good job, it’s my fault,” Jennifer says. Yikes. Jennifer says Bill’s infidelity isn’t even a topic of their arguments these days, which shows there’s a whole other slew of problems.

Later in the episode, we get a glorious Olivia Aydin moment, which is always a treat. She’s chatting it up with Rachel Fuda like the bonafide cast member she is. Rachel asks Olivia what she wants to be when she grows up, and Olivia says a therapist for couples. “They have some problems. I want to fix them,” Olivia says. It’s a sweet moment that reads dark to me. Olivia wanting to be a therapist to fix “love” problems seems to reflect her parents’ struggles. The Aydin family is a joy to watch when they’re good, so hopefully, Bill and Jennifer can get to a better place without Olivia needing to play couples’ counselor.

Jennifer And Margaret Rehash Old Wounds

Jennifer Fessler tries to host a quaint brunch at her house, but the RHONJ girls are on their worst behavior. Marge enters the conversation fired up because she’s heard from both Jen Fessler and MelGo that Jennifer Aydin is going around talking smack about her. Jennifer barely walks into the party before they both start going at it. And the blows get low. Jennifer tells Marge she’s never known what it’s like to have a family while Marge shades Jennifer for not having a “good marriage.” There are a lot of four-letter words being thrown around, and the rest of the cast truly can’t even follow along with the vitriol being spilled.

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Jen Fessler is mortified. She wants to have one party centered around food and fun. She screams that she has neighbors who can hear the embarrassing fighting going on. She ultimately lets her old pal Margaret stay, but Jennifer Aydin has to go and Tre leaves with her in support. It goes to show that no matter how many times Jennifer and Margaret say their feud is water under the bridge, neither one will hesitate to bring up old wounds to hurt the other.

The Newbies Clearly Aren’t RHONJ Fans

Jen Fessler’s party solidified to the new RHONJ cast additions that the group runs on chaos. After seeing Marge and Jennifer Aydin’s blowout, Danielle Cabral makes a joke that she won’t trust either of them with secrets since they bring out each other’s dirty laundry whenever the conversation goes left. Danielle bravely invites Tre, Jennifer A., and Rachel to her daughter’s over-the-top birthday party. This comes after Rachel and Jennifer got into a fight last week about their “terrible nose jobs.” Jennifer and Rachel squash their beef at the party, but not before Jennifer tries to do a little more pot stirring.

Tre and Rachel get to talking at the party where Teresa brings up Marge’s bad track record. Rachel, like the other ladies, keeps trying to stay neutral and form her own opinion about her new friends, but everyone is trying to sway her. “Just do your homework and pay attention,” Tre says like some sort of RHONJ scholar. I, for one, like that the show brought on new ladies who aren’t fangirls of the drama. They want to insert themselves organically into the group, which will undoubtedly be the best move among these messy wives.

Danielle Cabral Is Our New Queen Tre

I keep insinuating in the weekly recaps that Danielle Cabral is Tre 2.0, but she keeps giving me reasons to think that. Danielle is different from the other newbies because she’s truly approaching the show as her own star. She’s not worried about making alliances or getting OGs to like her. No, she wants to throw her daughter a ridiculous Barbie-themed birthday party and call it a day. Oh, and avoid Jackie Goldschneider’s petty digs like the plague.

Danielle’s party for her daughter gave me Season 1 Tre vibes. She wore matching hot pink tulle with her daughter and walked down a red carpet for God’s sake. Tre worked so well in the early episodes because she was involved in the drama, but also had a storyline all of her own. Danielle’s life, along with the drama she has with her own brother, makes her perfectly suited to be the next star of RHONJ. Many have tried, but none have made it as far as Danielle after a handful of episodes. That deserves plenty of praise for our new Staten Island girl.


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