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Craziest Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip Moments

Housewives in Thailand, baby! Even though the Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip Season 3 has come to a close, that doesn’t mean we can’t relive some of the craziest moments from their extravagant (and messy) vacation.

Leah Versus The OGs

In episode 3, things finally took a turn for Real Housewives of New York alum Leah McSweeney. After one too many complaints about her level of boredom, some of the OG Housewives decided to turn up the heat.

While yachting in the beautiful Thailand water, Leah became public enemy number one. First, her argument with Gizelle Bryant and Porsha Williams dominated the first half of the ride. And for the Real Housewives of Atlanta and Real Housewives of Potomac fans, you know, arguing with these two isn’t the easiest.

Porsha came for Leah, and so did Gizelle. Also, Alexia Nepola and Marysol Patton would hop in the conversation, too, ultimately leading Leah to run from the table. When she returned, the ladies tried to find a middle ground, but the damage was irreparable. From there on out, Leah’s journey in Thailand would be one for the books—and not in a good way.

Bad Weather, Spin The Truth, Destroy

The relationship between Real Housewives of Salt Lake City stars Heather Gay and Whitney Rose will likely never be the same again. Even though both ladies entered the trip with their sights set on reconciliation, it took them some time to get to a good place.

As we know, the Salt Lake Cousins (as Porsha likes to call them) fell out during their third season of RHOSLC. However, they were hopeful they could get to the bottom of what really went down in Park City. But when Whitney started planting seeds to the other ladies that Heather is, in fact, a phony—things got ugly.

Eventually, we wasted more precious time talking about Heather’s black eye that she couldn’t seem to remember how she got. But that wasn’t the only thing Whitney kept her on her toes about. The real blowup occurred when Heather learned Whitney told the group she hadn’t actually left the Mormon church.

Like many fans, Whitney wanted to know why Heather was writing a book about being an ex-Mormon if her name was still on the roll. But instead of seeing this as a chance to clarify her intentions, she turned it into a moment. Needless to say, fans still don’t have an answer about Heather’s mysterious black eye. And although the pair ended the trip on a relatively good note, it’s only a matter of time before their feud carries into RHOSLC Season 4.

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Court Is In Session With Gizelle Bryant

Listen, I’m glad we can talk about Gizelle’s missing bottle. Although most of the viewers hated this storyline, I, for one, was here for it. I want to see fun shade, a drama that’s not too serious, and of course, an over-dramatic Housewife. Gizelle checks all the boxes, yet, viewers still fail to give her the flowers she deserves.

Before her blowup with Leah, Gizelle told the ladies on the boat that her Clase Azul bottle was the only one available in Thailand. Therefore, this particular bottle of tequila was to follow her practically everywhere. When she found it missing later in the trip, she questioned every cast member, including Pepsi.

Heather was a suspect at some point, Marysol and Alexia were suspects, and Candiace Dillard Bassett was always suspect #1. After raising hell at lunch in Thailand’s streets, Gizelle demanded that production search everyone’s rooms high and low for her missing bottle.

After making little progress in her search, during their last outing in Phuket, Gizelle held a court session to get to the bottom of her case. Candiace was the only cast member on trial, and the other ladies were on the jury. Gizelle had a teacher’s pointing rod, a blown-up picture of Clase Azul, and presented her facts to those willing to listen.

Ultimately, Gizelle never found out what happened to her bottle. Jury members Porsha and Alexia said they couldn’t clear Candiace’s name but couldn’t prove her guilty, either. Candiace noted that Gizelle accusing her of theft was the final straw in their friendship. And just like that, their feud for Real Housewives of Potomac Season 8 was born.

Marysol Snaps On Alexia

After spending nine days together, Marysol and Alexia finally reached their breaking points. In the first half of the final episode, Alexia voiced her frustrations about Marysol not having her back. Certainly, this is a reach. Marysol, even as a friend of the Real Housewives of Miami, has never wavered from Alexia’s side. Although she’s not the fighter that Alexia is, that doesn’t make her any less of a friend.

Even then, Marysol bit her tongue—until their last gathering, that is. After Alexia told her best friend she was drinking too much (which could have been true), it sent Marysol over the edge. And if that wasn’t enough, Alexia seemingly dismissed Marysol’s feelings over her missing coffee cans—which reminded her of her mother—that she planned to give to the ladies as a gift.

In the end, when the ladies said their goodbyes during a traditional Thai ceremony, Alexia and Marysol hugged it out. They showed everyone how real-life besties are supposed to do it.


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