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Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip Season 3 Episode 5 Recap: Gizelle Bryant Creates Chaos With A Game Of Clase Azul Clue

Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip feels like a reality TV version of The White Lotus. As the concierge, Pepsi so eloquently put it, “How many days more?” It feels like the Thailand vacation is one big fever dream filled with fighting and elephant dung. It’s also jarring to watch the chaos go down in what looks like a literal PALACE that the ladies are staying in.

The latest episode of RHUGT centered all around Gizelle Bryant acting like a fool. “Her” bottle of tequila went missing and she verbally flipped the house upside down trying to get to the bottom of it. It only made Gizzy’s Real Housewives of Potomac co-star Candiace Dillard Bassett more irritated with her, which resulted in some A+ confessional shade from Miss CandeePants. Here are five takeaways from the latest RHUGT episode “Oh Bottle, Where Art Thou?”

Leah’s Near-Death Experience

Leah McSweeney might have thought it was a shady name at first, but there’s no better way to describe her RHUGT experience than, “Poor Leah.” None of the other girls besides Candiace really cared to give Leah the time of day. The rest of the ladies wrote her off after she called Alexia Nepola’s life story boring. She also let everyone know at least 50 times that she was on her period during the trip. And had problems going to the bathroom. It was TMI times 1,000. No wonder Gizelle renamed her “Nasty Leah.”

Leah’s luck got even worse in this episode when Pepsi took the ladies on a shopping trip in Phuket. Leah kept complaining about how hot she was, which seemed overly dramatic until she collapsed in the middle of a souvenir store. Leah was a little extra when she said she thought she was going to die even though it seems she didn’t even lose consciousness. But the 91-degree heat was no joke. The worst part is that when medics tried to take care of Leah, she revealed she wasn’t wearing underwear. Yeah, and we all know she was on period so you can just let that sink in. Leah did get to skip out on group activities and lounge around in the air conditioning, so maybe it was a blessing in disguise. If you asked Gizelle and Porsha Williams, they believed it was Leah’s plan all along to play the victim and get out of hanging with her new roomies all day. See, these girls just do NOT like Leah.

Heather’s Star Plummeted So Quickly

There are few Real Housewives stars who started out as strong and whose stardom fell as quickly as Heather Gay. The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star was a gem when she made her TV debut, but it went left quickly (partially due to the Jen Shah of it all). Heather spent the majority of her time on RHUGT fighting with her cousin Whitney Rose about the same issues they always have. And saying things she should really think about keeping to herself.

This week, Heather stayed consistent with delivering at least one cringy line per episode. She made a joke about the ladies only getting along when shopping is involved, which would’ve been a cute little laugh. As usual, she took it too far. “These are my favorite subjects: Capitalism and exploiting Third World boutiques,” she quipped. Someone get this girl a media coach or something because she needs to just STOP TALKING sometimes. Heather also showed off her lame side when Gizelle confronted her at a lunch, but Heather chose to wait until she was alone in a van with Whitney and Candiace to talk smack.

Heather claimed she almost pulled a Teresa Giudice table flip on Gizelle, which was not the vibe anyone else was getting. When Whitney called her out on it, Heather doubled down that she likes to be liked. She literally admitted in a confessional that she was secretly happy when Gizelle confronted her because it was like when the mean popular girl at school gives you attention. It’s reading pathetic and Heather should watch this RHUGT season and do some serious self-reflecting.

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Gizelle Plays Clase Azul Clue

The reason Gizelle was hot and bothered toward Heather and the rest of the group came down to her bottle of Clase Azul tequila. Gizelle made a big deal on the entire trip that it was so hard for her to locate her favorite bottle of tequila in Thailand, so she didn’t want anyone else messing with it. Once she realized it was missing, she went on a full-out mission to figure out who did it. She blamed Heather at first but didn’t count out others like Marysol Patton as suspects. Everyone ultimately agreed to let Gizelle search their rooms for the bottle, besides Candiace who was not entertaining the foolishness. As she should NOT.

As Candiace later put it, Gizelle acted like a Karen. She stressed Pepsi out to the point of tears by making him look for the bottle. She demanded that producers go into CandeeGal’s room and search her suitcases against her will. Like I get not wanting people to take your things, but this was next-level. It’s not like it was a diamond necklace — it was a bottle of tequila. “Sweetheart are Jamal Bryant’s alimony checks not cashing fast enough?” Candiace joked about Gizelle being so pressed about a bottle of booze. It was another case of Gizelle doing way too much and ending up looking like the clown in the end. Hey, let’s hope at least Clase Azul will give her a brand deal for giving them so much screen time.

Porsha Is The Ultimate Instigator

The only person who backed up Gizelle in her search for the tequila bottle was Miss Porsha. And we all could tell it was just because Porsha loves watching a mess go down. It was also why there was more drama between Porsha and CandeeGal in the episode. Leah and Candiace realized on the trip that Porsha posted a group photo of the RHUGT cast but only didn’t tag the two of them in the photo. It seemed like a classic case of frivolous nonsense, but Porsha tried to act coy about the situation. “Porsha is an imposter. She acts like she’s dumb,” Candiace said. Boy, she’s not wrong.

Candiace confronted Porsha about the Instagram tagging situation at lunch and Porsha just kept it even pettier. She basically said that she just doesn’t like Leah, even though Porsha and Leah haven’t had a major fight thus far on the trip. “I’m living rent-free in her head for some reason. What am I doing,” Leah genuinely asked when she learned that Porsha didn’t want to be her friend. Porsha went as far as to say Candiace was having a temper tantrum and called Candiace “PJ,” which is Porsha’s daughter’s name. Now, Candiace was trying to say that Porsha’s IG post was an act of cyberbullying, which was a reach. But Porsha knew damn well what she was doing, especially when she accused Leah and Candiace of being upset because they wanted some of her followers.

Ratata Candiace Arrived In Thailand

Gizelle’s tequila nonsense and Porsha’s petty Instagram posts were the last ingredients to bring Ratata Candiace to Thailand. Luckily, Candiace found a legal weed store on the island to try to calm herself down for the remainder of the trip. However, it didn’t stop her from getting heated when arguing with Porsha. “You wanted problems so I’ll give you problems,” Candiace said about Porsha. It’s clear Porsha and Candiace have deep-rooted beef. But it is funny for Porsha to yell at Candiace for always screaming and yelling when Porsha has been known to turn up a bit when getting into arguments with her co-stars for YEARS. Like, all of the girls try to make it a whole thing that Candiace is so loud. All I have to say is it’s hard for me to think of any Real Housewives star who has EVER been known for being quiet. BLOOP.

Candiace also reached her breaking point with Gizelle, who was already on thin ice with her RHOP enemy from Day 1. Candiace was so over Gizelle insinuating that she was a thief. Thankfully, the argument resulted in some amazing one-liners from Candiace. “I want nothing from you,” she said about Gizelle. “You have nothing to offer but long necks and stove pipe legs.” God, her comebacks get me every time. No one can deliver a read like CandeeGal.


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