THE REAL HOUSEWIVES ULTIMATE GIRLS TRIP -- "Don't Rock the Boat" Episode 303 -- Pictured: (l-r) Porsha Williams, Whitney Rose, Gizelle Bryant -- (Photo by: Mark Rogers/PEACOCK)

Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip Season 3 Episode 3: A Few Bad Weather Fans Capsize Alexia Echevarria’s Yacht Trip

Season 3 of Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip is in full swing and the group of ladies wasted no time bringing tea to Thailand. The ladies have settled into their villa complete with their lovable concierge Pepsi, who’s the real star of the show. After Leah McSweeney showed her blunt New Yorker side last week, her new roomies are quickly learning why she’s not a Real Housewives of New York fan-favorite.

The episode picks up at Candiace Dillard Bassett’s ladyboy dinner. If you thought that was a disaster, just wait until you see what happens on Day 3 during Alexia Echevarria’s yacht trip from hell. I’ll give you a hint — it’s a classic case of Bad Weather. Here are five takeaways from the latest RHUGT episode “Don’t Rock The Boat.”

Gizelle And Candiace Bring Potomac To Thailand 

While RHUGT in Thailand is a show all of its own, Gizelle Bryant and CandeeGal are bringing their classic Real Housewives of Potomac sparkle to the show. It starts during Candiace’s event where she performs “Drive Back” live with a group of ladyboys. The ensemble, including CandeeGal in a loofah dress, has never practiced together in person and despite a few hiccups, they nail it. “She put on the performance of a Thailand,” Porsha Williams says instead of the performance of a lifetime. Screaming. Porsha is messy, but she’s always good for a hilarious confessional. And considering her tight friendship with Gizzy, she’s an honorary Potomac flower in this instance.

Later on during the yacht trip. Gizzy and CandeeGal’s RHOP Season 7 drama comes to the forefront. Candiace complains to her new friends that Gizelle is a liar, citing the Chris Bassett drama of it all. Candiace gets Leah so fired up about her beef that Leah even refers to Gizzy as “Neck” in one of her confessionals. Obviously, Candiace is rubbing off on her. The two agree to disagree, probably because they know it’ll be hashed out ad nauseam on RHOP. Regardless, it was fun to watch the other ladies watch the RHOP girls throw down like the veterans they are. The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City girls better be taking notes on the sidelines.

Leah Wants To Jump Ship

Leah put a target on her back by saying she was “bored” by Alexia’s life story in Episode 2. Particularly, Gizelle and Porsha are done with Leah acting like she doesn’t want to be involved in the trip. When Pepsi drops the group off at the yacht, Porsha and Gizelle ask if Leah wants to go back with him. It’s just the beginning of Leah’s bumpy boat ride.

To sum it up, Leah thinks it’s ridiculous that the ladies are coming at her just for saying she was bored. Gizelle is particularly mad that Leah wanted the ladies to do shots to be more entertaining, which jogs Leah’s memory. She brings up that Marysol Patton texted her before the trip and said she wished that Leah was still drinking. Ultimately, Marysol’s text isn’t talked about enough, in my opinion. I do want to give Leah the benefit of the doubt for being sober in this group. It can’t be easy. Especially at moments like on the yacht when Heather Gay brags to Leah about funneling drinks to her alcoholic friends. Seriously, it’s all just bad.

Candiace is there to stand up for Leah. She yells at the girls for bullying Leah for simply expressing her feelings. Candiace ends up fighting Leah’s battle for her while Leah goes to take selfies in the hot tub, which I have to say is pretty iconic behavior. In the end, Leah ends up making it through the trip without going overboard. She and CandeeGal establish an alliance and it looks like they plan on taking Porsha Luther King down a few notches in future episodes. All I know is I agree with Candiace that after this trip, every single one of these girls needs to go to therapy.

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Bad Weather Reaches New Levels of Bad 

Heather and Whitney Rose call a truce in Thailand, but it all comes crashing down on the yacht ride. Leah, in an attempt to get the heat off of her back, brings up a shady moment involving the Bad Weather cousins. Whitney was talking smack to Leah about Heather, saying it was hypocritical for Heather to write a book called “Bad Mormon” but refuse to take her name off the Mormon roster like Whitney did.

Heather loses her mind. She reveals that Whitney didn’t even succeed in getting her name off the roster as the priesthood wouldn’t “release” her. Heather also thinks it’s unfair for Whitney to shame her considering Whitney left the church long before Heather did, so she’s further along in her journey. Whitney makes a point that the Mormon church uses the roster when lobbying for bills or buying property, so remaining on it is still a form of support. “That seems hypocritical to me,” Whitney says. As Leah and Candiace remark, Catholics might be crazy, but the Mormons are next-level with their rules.

Whitney ultimately acknowledges what she said was wrong and admits it was probably for a “shady” moment. It ignites Heather even more because she thinks her friend/cousin is dogging her to “impress” her new RHUGT friends. Porsha and Gizelle might be egging Whitney on, but they agree that Whitney is throwing her cousin under the bus for a TV show. It’s only the beginning of a long and bad yacht ride for the RHOSLC cousins. Alexia and Marysol sum it up when they’re speaking to the yacht staff about American women being crazy. “Don’t say American women, say women from Utah,” Marysol corrects her friend. Ay, por favor.

The Black-Eye Blues Makes It Out Of Utah

Part 2 of the Bad Weather drama comes when Whitney brings up Heather’s infamous black eye. The RHUGT ladies are over Heather’s ambiguity about the ordeal from the moment it’s brought up. Heather theorizes that she either hit her head on a bathroom cabinet or was elbowed while rough-housing with her RHOSLC co-stars, leading to the injury. “I’m telling everyone Jen punched you, I’m just saying,” Gizelle says in response. Gizzy is exactly right. Porsha and Alexia don’t even understand why the black eye is a big deal in the first place, which is literally how we all felt once this never-ending circus ride began.

It’s obvious to everyone that Heather is protecting Jen by playing dumb about the black eye. Again, no one really cares, but it provides for some rare comedic moments on this crazy yacht trip. Marysol and Alexia hand out maracas as part of their Cuban-inspired yacht ride, and Marysol warns Heather it could give her a black eye. Porsha also theorizes that someone came into Heather’s room in the middle of the night and punched her while she was asleep. Porsha begins to worry that the same thing could happen to her in Thailand. Girl, I think as long as Jen is in the custody of the feds, you’re corneas are safe (ALLEGEDLY!).

Is This Real Housewives Ultimate Fans Trip? 

Episode 3 of RHUGT solidifies that, inherently, we’re watching a cast of entirely Real Housewives fans. A prime example is Heather, who can’t stop fangirling at every corner. She’s giddy watching Candiace, Leah, Gizelle, and Porsha go at it on the yacht and relishes in the fact that no one is taking shots at her. Porsha also brings up that Real Housewives and boat rides don’t mix, citing examples from multiple shows. Peacock brought together a group of ladies who did their homework, which adds another layer to the chaos and drama.

Another hilarious fan moment comes when Gizelle and Candiace argue about RHOP drama. Candiace accuses Gizelle of wanting to make Chris look like a Michael Darby. Alexia, bless her heart, doesn’t watch Potomac and has no idea who Michael Darby is. What a dream that would be. “Michael Darby is Ashley [Darby]’s husband who cheats on her,” Marysol whispers to fill her friend in. I love anyone who watches Real Housewives, so it makes it better when the stars themselves are self-proclaimed fans.


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