THE REAL HOUSEWIVES ULTIMATE GIRLS TRIP -- "The Elephants in the Room " Episode 302 -- Pictured: (l-r) Heather Gay, Whitney Rose, Gizelle Bryant, Alexia Nepola, Candiace Dillard-Bassett, Porsha Williams, Leah McSweeney, Marysol Patton -- (Photo by: Mark Rogers/PEACOCK)

Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip Season 3 Episode 4: Heather Gay And Whitney Rose Can’t Mentally Leave Salt Lake City

We’ve made it through four days of the Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip Thailand vacation and to say it hasn’t been smooth sailing is an understatement. There is so much tension among a small cast of eight Real Housewives superstars that the drama just flowed naturally. Real Housewives of Salt Lake City cousins Whitney Rose and Heather Gay were particularly chaotic on the trip. The ladies might be only a few days in, but most of them are already over the Bad Weather reign.

The latest episode of RHUGT featured an equal mix of fun and fighting. Aside from the RHOSLC drama, Gizelle Bryant also brought some Real Housewives of Potomac flare to Southeast Asia with her Reasonably Shady game. Here are five of the main takeaways from the latest episode, “Dangerous Games.”

The Miami Girls Have Gone Wild

Alexia Echevarria and Marysol Patton may be best friends for life, but they felt a little too close on the RHUGT vacation. They shared a tight room with one bathroom, which couldn’t have been easy during Marysol’s bout of stomach sickness. The close quarters and constant drama slowly caused the Real Housewives of Miami stars to go a little crazy. Alexia in particular made a few head-turning statements worth exploring further. The ladies all get Thai massages, and Alexia claims it’s usual that they get pretty “frisky.” It wasn’t as bad as Porsha Williams saying she wanted her money back because she didn’t get a happy ending. Who let these ladies leave the country?

Alexia’s second questionable moment occurred during Gizelle’s shady game. Gizelle was bothered that Alexia claimed RHOM “paved” the way on Bravo. Alexia then went on to praise the show’s diversity, particularly a cast that often speaks Spanish. All was well until the following sentence tumbled out of her mouth. “We had a transgender that participated. We had a drag queen,” Alexia said. Girl, what? Heather’s look of horror was exactly how I was feeling at that moment. Alexia should try to think before she speaks more often.

The Cockie Queen was feeling a little better, enough to go back to her steady Tito’s diet. However, she was getting tired of sharing a room with her bestie. Marysol and Alexia wouldn’t stop bickering about the dumbest of topics. The only thing they agreed on, oddly, was that Marysol had good-looking feet to sell on OnlyFans. Marysol whipped her bare foot out during a confessional to talk about how many people would pay for her to “rub the soot off [their] papaya” with her toes. OK, barf. Also, Larsa Pippen better watch out because her co-star is coming for her gig.

Candiace’s Cryangle Traveled To Thailand

Porsha and Candiace Dillard Bassett had beef even before RHUGT even started filming. It took four days into the vacation for CandeePants to finally confront Porsha about her taking Monique Samuels’ side during their infamous RHOP fight. Before Candiace even brought up the topic at a group lunch, she prepared her triangle-shaped tissue for the tears that ensued. CandeeGal could barely get her words out while trying to catch every tear that fell from her eye. “One thing about Candiace — there will be no tear left behind,” Porsha joked in a confessional.

The issue came down to Porsha claiming on Bravo Chat Room that Candiace was suing Monique to pay for her house. Both claims were denied by CandeePants, but Porsha ended up doubling down. All Candiace was looking for was an apology. It ended up creating more problems for CandeePants and Gizelle, who weren’t on the best of terms to begin with. Gizelle was mad because she defended Candiace against Porsha on Chat Room, but it wasn’t good enough for her co-star. The feud went unresolved. The best part about the fight was when Marysol called Chat Room a fluff show instead of real investigative journalism, and Gizelle and Porsha couldn’t help but feel the subtle read.

Bad Weather Needed A Rain Delay

Heather and Whitney were on horrible terms after their fight on the yacht, but Heather went into the next day ready to sweep it under the rug. She was not ready to forgive Whitney for questioning her faith. Whitney, on the other hand, turned to a shady friend for support — Lisa Barlow. She gave Lisa the lowdown about their fight and how Heather made everyone on the trip turn on her. Ultimately, I think both of the RHOSLC cousins are pulling stunts for TV and they’re both responsible for ruining their relationship over it.

During Gizelle’s Mardi Gras dinner, Whitney decided, yet again, to bring up the problems with Heather about them leaving the Mormon church. Leah McSweeney and Candiace couldn’t lie down fast enough, as everyone was sick of hearing them argue. “Four days of listening to these girls scream about church,” Candiace said. “Either go or done.” AMEN. Again, the fight went unresolved, yet Bad Weather kept deciding to travel in the same sprinter van despite their daily fights. No one, especially Porsha and Gizelle, understood the dynamic. “OK both of you guys are bad Mormons, alright,” Porsha said in defeat. The RHOSLC ladies were so desperate to leave Utah, yet they brought their same old issues on the international vacation. It probably would’ve been better for one, if not both, of them to stay home.

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Gizelle’s Reasonably Shady Initiation

Gizelle’s Mardi Gras event was all about her, so it was only right she brought the Reasonably Shady game to play with her new friends. Thank the Potomac Gods she didn’t pack Robyn Dixon in her suitcase with those paddles. Some of Gizelle’s questions were awkward, like trying to make shade out of Porsha’s big butt or Marysol’s stomach bug. Others got the people going, like when she shaded Candiace for calling the Bravo Chat Room hosts “bullies” the day before.

Before the dinner, Porsha had an event that had the ladies primed for shady questions. She made the ladies answer tough questions or they had to eat part of a scorpion bug (not the deadly tail, however). Leah ended up biting a bug to avoid picking her ideal Real Housewives of New York Season 13 cast. Alexia wasn’t shy, however, and ranked her three husbands, past and current, in bed. Heather also ate a bug to avoid answering the truth about who gave her a black eye. But I already know we’re all beyond done with talking about that stupid injury any further.

Whitney Should Try To Relax

Bad Weather, as a duo, put a damper on the entire episode with their carousel of fighting. However, Whitney in particular was pretty insufferable in the episode, which is a bummer because she wasn’t so bad at the beginning. By now, she just had a weird vendetta to take down Heather that wasn’t a cute look, especially because they are family. During the bug-eating game, Whitney took a bite of the “vermin,” in Marysol’s words, to avoid having to name three lies that Heather told on camera. She claimed it was in the name of her friendship with Heather, which we later learned was a big act.

However, at the end of the episode, Whitney entered the confessional unprovoked to name the lies. She picked the black eye, Heather’s friendship with Lisa, and her cousin’s status with the Mormon church as the lies and is hellbent on “exposing” them. Girl, just relax and enjoy your vacation. This is why the RHOSLC ladies are flopping — they’re always trying to play producer. Heather and Whitney are so hell-bent on creating drama that they are wasting their vacation away. Bravo should’ve sent me instead to skinnydip with Porsha and learn the art of mixing a cockie with Marysol. God, what a dream.


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