Lisa Vanderpump
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Lisa Vanderpump Called Out Tom Sandoval for Raquel Leviss Sleepover Before Affair Was Exposed

There are some new goings-on in West Hollywood. It’s getting harder and harder to believe that Tom Sandoval’s affair with Raquel Leviss was such a shock to any of their Vanderpump Rules castmates. Forget about the witches of WeHo. They’ve been dethroned by one lone jezebel.

Raquel’s willingness to cross boundaries with the men of Vanderpump Rules is becoming more apparent as Season 10 continues. After Katie Maloney asked her not to pursue her ex-husband Tom Schwartz, Raquel kissed him anyway.

Now, Raquel is taking advantage of Ariana Madix’s distraction at losing both her grandmother and her beloved dog. In the preview for episode 13 of season 10, Raquel and Sandoval had one of their infamous sleepovers while Ariana was out of town for the funeral.

Lisa Vanderpump sniffs out the Scandoval BS

“I can’t believe that Tom Sandoval had Raquel over when Ariana’s away – in the jacuzzi as well,” Ken Todd told his wife, Lisa Vanderpump, and Katie in the sneak peak above. Ken and Lisa had to explain what they had heard. It came from Lisa initially, who was angered at Raquel turning up to work late.

“I overslept. I stayed up late,” Raquel said. “I went back to Tom’s place, and we went in the jacuzzi with Schwartz.” When pressed, Raquel admitted to sleeping “at Sandoval’s” that night. She quickly claimed that “nothing happened though.”

Lisa then called Sandoval to get a second voice on what happened. “We hung out for a little bit, [she] literally dipped out. Like, I don’t know – actually she left early,” Sandoval claimed. Lisa asked for clarity on the words, “dipped out,” because Sandoval was already giving conflicting information.

“So did she spend the night at your house – did she or not, yes or no?” the restaurant owner repeated. “Yes, but like dude, like, I have people crash at my house,” Sandoval hastily replied. The preview then cuts out.

It may be true that Raquel and Sandoval did not hook up that night. But we all know where this ends. Obviously, these two have no problem disrespecting Ariana. She only found out about the affair when a sexually explicit video of the former beauty queen popped up on Sandoval’s phone.

Ariana seems to have come out on top though. Her Vanderpump Rules co-stars and the public are behind her. She was cast in a Lifetime movie, among other professional wins. Ariana was also spotted making out with NYC-based personal trainer Daniel Wai.

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