Most Memorable and Beloved Bravo Pets

Lisa Vanderpump
(Photo by John Lamparski/Getty Images)

Bravo‘s varied personalities are just like us; they dote on their pets. Sure, these pets wear cashmere and drink out of bowls that make us feel less than, but we’d likely do the same for ours if we could. That said, many of these affluent animals have been seen on-air, starring alongside their human(s). After these showings, some have even gone on to become famous within the Bravo universe.

Can we say Nepo Furbabies?

Unfortunately, not every pet seen still roams this earth. Nevertheless, their lives impacted many, as several aided in fun and/or important storylines during their existence. As seen on-air throughout the years, these are the most memorable and beloved Bravo pets.


Lisa Vanderpump/Instagram

Lisa Vanderpump is the Executive Producer of Vanderpump Rules, a spin-off that she helped to form while starring on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Lisa’s lux property is filled with animals, including two miniature horses (Diamond and Rosé), multiple dogs, two swans, and seven turtles. The most famous of Lisa’s pets, however, was Gigolo, aka Giggy.

Giggy suffered from alopecia, which saw Lisa constantly dressing her little boy in dignified attire to help protect his skin. Everywhere Lisa went, her Pomeranian Giggy went, quickly becoming a beloved favorite amongst Real Housewives viewers. Sadly, Giggy crossed the rainbow bridge in 2020, but his life and legacy will live on fur-ever.

Butter and Gordo VonFriendenheimer

Tom Schwartz/Instagram

Vanderpump Rules stars Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz share two rescue dogs named Butter (aka Butter Boy) and Gordo Vonfriendenheimer. These two good boys have been featured throughout the series, especially as of late.

Following their 2021 split, Katie and Tom decided to co-parent their fur babies, a memorable arrangement as seen on Season 10.

Graham Cracker/Hippy

James Kennedy/Instagram

Another Vanderpump Rules couple that has since bit the dust also shared a dog together pre-split. Though Graham Cracker first belonged to Rachel Leviss, the mini Goldendoodle now lives with James Kennedy. This took place after Graham was surrendered, following a whole lot of drama that first began when Rachel and Tom Sandoval‘s affair was unearthed.

James has since renamed his beloved dog to Hippie, the name given to his late godfather George Michael’s dog. 

Kitty, Charlotte York, and Maya

Ariana Madix/Instagram

In YET ANOTHER Vanderpump Rules failed romance involving pets, one cannot leave out Ariana Madix and Sandoval’s dogs Charlotte York and Maya, plus their cat named Kitty. While all three of these animals made random appearances throughout recent seasons, the passing of one was made memorable during Sandoval’s affair.

On Vanderpump Rules Season 10, Sandoval and Rachel hooked up just outside of Sandoval’s home with Ariana. This happened while Ariana was mourning the death of her beloved dog of 18 years, Charlotte. Viewers will always remember Charlotte for how beloved she was by Ariana, and hopefully not by her father’s deception following her passing.


Lala Kent/Instagram

Lala Kent’s dog, a Black Labrador named Lilly, had to adjust to the addition of Lala’s child, Ocean. Thankfully, the dog and babe are well, with Lala often posting images of the pair together. Lilly has also remained by Lala’s side throughout many heavy life changes, earning herself a spot on this list of Beloved Bravo pets.


Kate Chastain/Twitter

Below Deck’s former Chief Stew Kate Chastain adopted her Havanese Halo in 2016. Halo appears often throughout Kate’s accounts, with said posts receiving hundreds of likes and comments that point towards his beloved status. Luckily, Halo has also bonded with Kate’s son, as Kate explained “Halo’s new nickname is “Child Protective Services” he loves Sullivan SO MUCH.”


Monique Samuels/Instagram

Monique Samuels introduced her pet bird T’Challa on Real Housewives of Potomac Season 5. Here, the African grey parrot hilariously flew at Dr. Wendy Osefo. In another on-air appearance, T’Challa playfully fought with Karen Huger, who gave the parrot the greatest side eyed looks we’ve ever seen.

Sadly, T’Challa crossed the rainbow bridge on July 1, 2021. Fly high above the drama, T’Challa, you were beyond memorable.


Kyle Richards/Instagram

Kyle Richards from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was already a dog mom before welcoming home the family’s latest rescue, Smokey. Making his first appearance on Kyle’s Instagram in 2022, Kyle gushed, “My apologies in advance for the amount of posting I will be doing with this face.” Smokey is living large, beloved by those who cannot get enough of his images online.

Babette, Princess Kitty, and Lil Bit Blanche

Sutton Stracke/Instagram

Sutton Stracke resembles her former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills costar Lisa, as she also owns many pets. An avid cat and dog rescuer, 3 of her pets are Ragdoll cats. She even once wore a sweater with a cat on the front for a date. Sutton’s gorgeous furbabies made a splash on the series, earning themselves a spot on this list of memorable Bravo pets.

Archie Storms Beador

Shannon Beador/Instagram

Real Housewives of Orange County star Shannon Beador rescued her dog Archie in 2016. Archie has been a staple (side) cast member ever since, so when Shannon stated that he was having health issues, the invested viewers immediately showed concern online. Luckily, Golden Retriever Archie is still here, providing Shannon and the viewers alike with additional memories being made.

CoCo Singer

Ramona Singer/Instagram

Ramona Singer‘s dog, a Shih Tzu named Coco Singer, was featured on Real Housewives of New York right at the start of Season 1. Throughout his life, Coco was treated to expensive grooming and even his own seat at five-star restaurants. Sadly, at the age of 17, Coco passed away, but his memory will always remain.


Kenya Moore/Instagram

This last one hurts to type, so we cannot image the grief that Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore must still feel. After owning her Yorkie Velvet for seven years, viewers watched as Kenya held his funeral during Season 6. Here, Velvet was attacked by another dog, and even though Kenya rushed outside to help, Velvet succumbed to his injuries.

Viewers will always remember Kenya’s deep sense of grief, and Yorkie will always remain as one of the most beloved Bravo pets to ever grace the network.