Vanderpump Rules Stars Whose Hot Takes Were Vindicated

Tom Sandoval
Photo by: Casey Durkin/Bravo via Getty Images

The cast of Vanderpump Rules has gotten a lot wrong in the last 10 years. They’ve spread countless rumors without much care, so it’s hard to take what they say at face value. However, sometimes, their suspicions about their cast members have proven to be true.

Here are five Vanderpump Rules stars whose hot takes were vindicated.

Kristen Warning Ariana About Sandoval

Kristen Doute/Instagram

Kristen Doute spent all of Season 3 trying to break up Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix. She was unsuccessful then, but the former waitress is now getting praise for warning Ariana about Sandoval.

“You win Ariana,” Kristen said in a confessional after her Miami Girl plan failed. “You win wondering where the f*** Tom is every night when you text him. You win not ever being sure if he’s telling you the truth, and you win sharing a bed with the best liar I have ever known.” Mic drop.

At the time, fans dismissed Kristen as a jealous ex-girlfriend but after Scandoval broke in March 2023, fans are seeing her in a whole new light. Everything Kristen said ended up being true. I mean, he lied about an affair for 7 months!!! He even lied at the reunion. Not to mention that Kristen was 100 percent right about Miami Girl. Sandoval admitted he hooked up with in the Season 10 finale. Justice for Kristen!

Lala Saying She Wouldn’t Trust Rachel Around Her Man

Lala Kent/Instagram

In Season 10, Lala Kent confronted Rachel Leviss about her behavior on a girl’s night out in Vegas.

The night before, Rachel made out with RHOBH star Garcelle Beauvais’ son Oliver Saunders after Lala expressed interest in him. Although Lala gave Rachel the green light, she admitted the situation didn’t sit right with her. The following day, she told Rachel, “I would never trust you around my man.” The statement didn’t seem to bother Rachel. She responded, “Well, it’s a good thing you don’t have a man.” Yikes.

Lala’s assessment of Rachel turned out to be dead on, obviously.

Jax Predicting Sandoval & Ariana’s Split

Jax Taylor/Instagram

Sandoval and Ariana might have convinced us they were endgame, but Jax Taylor wasn’t buying it. For years, Jax has been saying Sandoval and Ariana would be the next VPR couple to split, saying they were more like roommates than a couple. Jax and Sandoval have a frayed relationship, so we didn’t take his premonition too seriously. However, now that Ariana and Sandoval have split, we have to give him props. Also, Sandoval pretty much quoted Jax directly when he admitted he and Ariana had become more like roommates than romantic partners.

Stassi Questioning Randall’s Relationship Status

Stassi Schroeder/Instagram

Lala went to extraordinary lengths to keep her relationship with Randall Emmett a secret when she first joined Vanderpump Rules. Unfortunately, her secrecy made her cast members more intrigued and it didn’t take long before the cast found out Randall was married. For years, Lala insisted that Randall was separated when they started dating but some cast members, most notably Stassi Schroeder and Katie Maloney, weren’t buying it. When Lala and Randall split in 2021, she discovered that Randall was not separated from his ex Ambyr Childers when they began dating.

Katie Questioning Scheana’s Loyalty

Katie Maloney/Instagram

Katie and Scheana Shay have always had a rocky relationship. Katie questioned Scheana’s loyalty and felt like she was closer to Tom Schwartz. Well, it looks like her intuition was correct. In the Season 11 teaser trailer, Schwartz revealed that he and Scheana made out in Vegas and never told anyone. WHAT!!! It looks like Katie was right to keep Scheana at a distance. Now we know why Scheana didn’t see a problem with setting up Rachel with Schwartz. She had already crossed that boundary.

Ally’s Suspicions About Sandoval & Rachel

Ally Lewber/Instagram

James Kennedy’s girlfriend Ally Lewber was one of the first cast members to suspect something was going on between Sandoval and Rachel. The newcomer spotted the two dancing at The Abbey at 1 a.m. and admitted something felt off. It turns out that Ally’s instincts were right. Something was off!