Scheana Shay’s Relationship History

Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

Everyone, this is about Scheana Shay. This will only be about Scheana’s dating journey, as seen on Vanderpump Rules because she needs this. Truly, Scheana’s been dying for something to be about her, “for once.” Luckily for her, I’m a giver, sent to validate feelings, and also, call me Sheshu.

Seriously though, Scheana’s dating history is extensive. We can’t all be lucky in love, so no judgment. That said, her journey to find “the one” has definitely been more arduous than the norm. Let’s recall her broken road, which led her straight to Brock Davies’ budgy smugglers.

But First, the Honorable Mentions

Before diving into Scheana’s actual relationships, let’s first look at 3 well-known names who almost made the cut. These men only spent brief blips of time with Scheana, but all are on Bravo, so naturally, they each deserve a shout-out. This shortlist includes Shep Rose, Carl Radke, and Nema Vand. Any of these crossovers could’ve been fun, eh?

#It’s All Happening, Thanks to Eddie Cibrian

Before VPR was born, Lisa Vanderpump, the series namesake, was making us all feel poor over on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Here, Brandi Glanville, one of Lisa’s costars, had a husband named Eddie Cibrian. Eddie, however, was also dating Scheana. Whoopsies.

To her credit, Scheana ended things after learning that Eddie lied. However, Scheana had a confrontation with Brandi following this mess, and just like that, the VPR spin-off was born.

Was Scheana John Mayer’s Wonderland?

After Eddie, Scheana found herself a musician, well, kinda. On her podcast, Scheana revealed that she’d been in a thrupple with John Mayer. This occurred back in 2008 after John visited her workplace. This encounter saw her and her roommate, Stacie the bartender from The Hills, starting up a relationship.

This throuple eventually died, but not before Scheana was fired from her job as a cocktail waitress. You see, dating the guests was frowned upon. No worries though, as that’s when Lisa gave her a gig.

The First Mr. Scheana, Mike Shay

In the first several seasons of Vanderpump Rules, Scheana’s high school-friend-turned-boyfriend Mike Shay was introduced. The two wed in Season 3, but his addictions were outed on the series, and their union became tough to watch. That said, it was Scheana’s crop top dress at their wedding that made the largest headlines. Sadly, just two years after tying the knot, the couple divorced.

Rob Valletta Lasted Roughly “7 Minutes”

Following her divorce, Scheana reconnected with an old fling. This beau was actor Rob Valletta, who began appearing alongside Scheana on VPR. Throughout Season 6, Scheana told everyone that Rob was it, and that’s literally all we heard, aside from how fast Rob could hang a television. The pair broke up after a year of dating.

Robby Hayes Did Not Give Scheana a Forever Rose

Moving on, Scheana dated Robby Hayes, a Bachelorette alum. Robby and Scheana went on a date during Season 7, but their romance was short-lived. According to Scheana, Robby ghosted her. Robby then went to US Weekly to share his side.

Here, he explained that “It was really not, like, a ghosting thing, We’re both stubborn — it’s just in our genes — and one wasn’t texting the other.” Sounds like ghosting, but ok, Robby.

Woe Was Adam Spott

Just for funsies, Scheana moved on next to a SUR bartender named Adam Spott. However, their dynamics were very much friends-with-benefits vibes only. That said, when Adam learned about Scheana’s involvement with another man, he was livid. Therefore, a huge fight went down between the pair during Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright‘s engagement party.

During their verbal battle, Scheana asked Adam repeatedly if he loved her. In response, Adam said “No.” Scheana was shocked, but she played it off, saying that he did have feelings because he was so jealous. Either way, they split, and Adam left SUR.

Max Boyens Entered Scheana’s Chat Line Next

Max Boyens was the general manager of TomTom, another one of Lisa’s bars. Therefore, he knows the cast of VPR quite well. When I say quite well, I mean just that, as he was romantically physically linked to multiple cast members throughout Season 8. And yes, Scheana was one of his loves.

Scheana’s Rock Finally Arrives in Brock Davies

After all of these misses, Scheana finally found her “one” in a personal trainer named Brock. The two started dating in 2019, but Brock wasn’t introduced on-air until 2020. In 2021, they welcomed their firstborn to the world, Summer Moon Davies, and then proceeded to wed in secret. Following this, the pair made it reality television official via a lavish ceremony in Mexico, which spanned several episodes in Season 10.

Currently airing is Season 11, where Scheana reveals her struggles with OCD. Brock isn’t coming off as super supportive of his wife’s mindset, but to be fair, we don’t know everything that goes on behind their closed doors. Or anyone’s doors, for that matter, Therefore, we’ll just have to wait and see how this all plays out.