Vanderpump Rules Season 11 Reunion, Part 3 Recap: Apologies and a Cast Divided

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Welcome back as we navigate the Vanderpump Rules Season 11 reunion, Part 3 recap. Last time, Lala and Katie slammed Schwartz for gaslighting Jo Wenberg. This time, the cast reacts after watching the final moments of the finale together. And it isn’t pretty. Here’s everything that you need to know about the Pump Rules, Season 11 reunion, Part 3!

Will Ariana ever speak to Sandoval?

Host Andy Cohen remarked how surprised Brock was by Ariana’s behavior at the water tasting. “It was tough to see her respond like that,” he said of her rage. Scheana added that seeing Ariana in such pain was difficult.

Then Andy asked Ariana the million-dollar question. “Do you ever think you’ll ever be able to be in a room with Tom and have a civil conversation?” A somber Ariana replied, “At this point, no I don’t feel comfortable with that.”

While both Lala and James felt that Ariana should be releasing some of her anger at Sandoval, Ariana disagreed. The show was filmed in the summer of 2023, just months after Scandoval broke. Ariana needed to let herself “feel it.” She felt that her co-stars wanted her to be further along in the emotional process than she was, which made last summer hard for her.

Lala and “Kentucky Muffin” fell out

As they discussed Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor’s separation, Schwartz revealed that he went to Kentucky with them. During that time, Brittany and Lala had a huge argument during Lala’s gender reveal.

Brittany contacted Lala’s mother and was “so out of f*cking pocket.” She asked if Lala hired their babysitter without “their permission.” Jax was yelling at his wife, and Lala told Brittany to have Jax call her. “My 63-year-old f*cking mom is being questioned by Kentucky muffin!” Lala exclaimed to everyone’s amusement.

Who is a better friend to Scheana?

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When Andy asked Brock why he thought that Sandoval was a better friend to Scheana than Ariana, he pointed out that Scheana fought with all the ladies in the group. Scheana added that she didn’t squabble with Ariana.

“Sandoval has been there having her back,” Brock said. He explained how Scheana had been ripped apart online because she was trying to be friends with both Sandoval and Ariana.  

Well, Ariana had some thoughts. She advised the couple to avoid the comments section, as they are all blasted online. She acknowledged Scheana’s tough history within the group. “I have been in her corner and supported her since day one with that. Obviously, this year was a little bit more difficult for us,” Ariana said.

After some prodding from Andy, Ariana admitted that when Scheana said that Sandoval was more upset over losing his friendship with her than losing Ariana, it hurt her feelings. Scheana pointed out that without watching the entire show, Ariana missed out on longer conversations.

Then Andy asked Scheana if she “was jealous” of all the opportunities that came Ariana’s way. Scheana said she wasn’t “jealous.” She just felt “left out” and wanted to be on Ariana’s path with her. Really? Okay then.

When asked how their relationship is today, Scheana acknowledged that their relationship was “good.” Ariana stated, “Scheana’s family. You’re never not going to be family.”

The Sandoval factor

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Andy asked Katie how much she thought Sandoval contributed to her divorce. She shared that having someone talk about you negatively for years to your spouse takes a toll. Katie believed that it affected how Schwartz thought about her, which Schwartz denied.

Sandoval said that he “felt like the opposite.” He said that he knew that getting involved with Schwartzy for Schwartz & Sandy’s would be a bad idea. Dude – you were the one who didn’t want Katie involved at all.

Still, Sandoval skirted around admitting that he didn’t like Katie. Instead, he focused on how she treated him. “Katie, how do you think you treat people on a regular basis?” Sandoval asked. “I’m going to treat them exactly like how I see it,” Katie responded.

“Okay,” Sandoval remarked. “I don’t know. Choke. I don’t care,” she replied.

“Well your chemistry is undeniable,” Andy quipped. “Yeah, we’re going to go bang it out,” Sandoval replied, while the entire cast looked uncomfortable. Gross.

A shocking announcement

“You’ve all been through such an interesting shared experience being on the show for over a decade that we wanted you to watch this ending together as a group,” Andy said.

As the tape rolled, the camera filmed the different cast members. Grab your popcorn, while I take in all this split-screen action. Since Ariana and her boyfriend, Daniel Wai, dipped out, so she missed all the drama inside. When Lala broke the fourth wall, Ariana looked disgusted.

During Lala’s confessional about why she was angry when Ariana walked out, Sandoval started to tear up. Katie looked pissed, even during the montage of previous Pump Rules moments. Then Scheana and James started to cry.

At the end, Schwartz said, “That was a f*cking plot twist.” Sandoval responded, “I love it. It’s good for me!” And he laughed in the clip.

Ariana sighed and said, “Exactly.”

Ariana lets her guard down

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Andy asked Ariana for her thoughts. She said that much of what was said “was really hurtful.” Ariana added, “That is me being my honest self.” She also wasn’t feeling Sandoval’s “waterworks thing.”

Sandoval responded, “You know me well enough to know that this is not acting.” Ariana closed her eyes. “I don’t know,” she said. “I do not.”

At that point, Lisa covered her face with her hand as she became emotional. “You knew me, Ariana,” Sandoval said as he started to sob. She also started to cry. “I don’t believe that. And when you didn’t get what you want…what you said about me.”

Sandoval claimed that Ariana said the same things about him that summer. But, as she pointed out, what did he expect just months after the revelation of his affair?

“You proved me right,” Ariana said. Closing her eyes again, Ariana said, “All I want…I just want you away from me. I just want you gone,” she sobbed.

She doesn’t want to be “forced” to be around Sandoval. “That is our job,” he countered. And Ariana denied that he came to her off-camera to talk. She will gladly have tough conversations with everyone but her ex. Period.

And as for Sandoval’s last audio clip? Ariana compared it to Sandoval breaking up with Kristen [Doute] in Miami, and she was being used by him to get that moment.

Sandoval finally apologizes

Katie piped up that Sandoval’s “double life” threw Ariana for a loop. Sandoval decided to dredge up the past and remarked that their “relationship wasn’t perfect.” Ariana agreed, but she wasn’t going to rehash it.

Sandoval said, “I just want to say to you that I am sorry. I’m not asking you to forgive me. I know you won’t. I know you don’t want to be around me.” He continued, “You didn’t deserve that and I’m really sorry from the bottom of my heart, Ariana. I regret it every f*cking day. I wear it as a badge of shame,” her ex added.

“You also brought a f*cking person into both of our lives in a very f*cked up way. And this b*tch f*cking has to talk about me all the time. And you did that,” Ariana said, apparently alluding to Rachel Leviss.

Ariana was also very hurt by Lala’s remarks. She felt that in the moment, she was being authentic by refusing to film with Sandoval. Schwartz agreed with Lala at the time, but he thinks Ariana did the right thing by walking out.

Lala fires back

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Scheana said that she “understood Lala’s frustration.” Scheana was also frustrated and didn’t want Lala to feel alone. Then Lala brought up that when her ex-fiancé, Randall Emmett reportedly cheated, she didn’t receive support. She received a chorus of, “You probably should have known.” Lala, who has a child with Randall, was “annoyed” by her VPR co-stars’ reaction to her break up.

And she is grateful for the show and how it supports her and her daughter. She is happy about all of Ariana’s opportunities. “At least if you don’t give a f*ck about your position on the show because your thriving, I’m going to need you to give a f*ck about mine,” Lala said.

Lala was furious the night of the finale, and she was sorry for hurting Ariana. But she doubled down on what she said. Why should Ariana get to decide how the show is filmed when Lala can’t do the same?

Andy asked for Ariana’s response. She said that leaving that conversation was more “interesting” for the show than if she had stayed and talked to Sandoval. “Was that not a better ending to your season to give you another season for another paycheck?” Ariana asked. WOW.

Scheana faces Lala’s wrath

Andy asked Scheana if it was true that Sandoval showed up for her events, not Ariana. When Scheana denied that it was true, Lala broke in. “Scheana, you have said that sh*t to me off-camera. Can we be done?” Lala stood up. She started to walk off but returned to tell the group that Scheana repeatedly called Sandoval a better friend to her than Ariana.

“I don’t want to do this anymore. This is not fun for me,” Lala stated. She believes that she was the only honest person this season. So much for Lala’s soft era.

A weeping Lala said that she “loves” Ariana, but she was so “frustrated.” Scheana agreed that she was also tired by the end of the season.

Then Andy asked Lisa about when she left Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She said that she skipped the reunion because she didn’t want to see any of her co-stars anymore. Lisa agreed that Lala has a point about honesty, but that even if Ariana turned and left, she still “has shown up.”

Next, Scheana asked Ariana if she understood why Lala was “frustrated.” But Ariana didn’t understand “the insults.”

The emotions in this room were palpable. “I don’t know how to make it better now,” Lisa told Andy. Katie held Ariana while she cried until Katie’s earring was caught in Ariana’s hair. Andy tried to save the day but had to call in reinforcements. Ariana, Katie, and Andy laughed about the hair snafu. It was a much-needed moment of levity.

Final thoughts

Vanderpump Rules Season 11 cast photo
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Ariana believes that some relationships are better than others at this point. Sandoval thanked people for giving him “somewhat of a chance.”

Lala agreed with Andy that her friendships with Katie and Ariana “are in the E.R.” She added, “Yeah. I’m okay with that.”

Scheana acknowledged that Lala was her “rock” during the challenging summer of filming. She started to cry and admitted that she had difficulty speaking up because she was afraid of people’s opinions.

Schwartz told everyone onstage that they were his family, and he loved them all. James agreed. So, instead of the traditional toast, Kyle Chan and Ann Maddox brought out sandwiches from Something About Her. Hurray!

In the dressing room, Lala commented on Lisa’s remarks about Randall’s alleged cheating on Lala during Season 9. Then Lisa defended Ariana’s right to walk away. Lala pointed out that even as a pregnant person, she wasn’t supposed to leave the stage. She feels like she has been treated unfairly.

This cast has never been so divided, and it somehow feels so final.

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