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It’s got to be difficult being a reality TV star.  You don’t have control of unflattering edits, you’re at the mercy of non-disclosure agreements, and have to relive some of your worst days in the public eye.  Social media is forever.

Hannah Ferrier is currently living her best life.  She has a doting boyfriend and is pregnant with their first child.  Love her or hate her, Hannah is undeniably happy and radiant.  Getting fired from Below Deck Mediterranean was probably one of the best things that happened to her.  But reliving it while the season is airing and having to respond on social media might not be.

Kate Chastain

The current season of Below Deck Mediterranean has been infuriating. On the most recent episode, Captain Sandy Yawn fired Hannah Ferrier for having Valium with her and failing to register the prescription with the boat. She also wondered if Hannah flushed the “drugs” down the toilet and chased Hannah down the dock to berate her.

Yes, Hannah broke a rule about registering medication. That is black and white. However, the way she has been treated has only heightened the stigmas associated with getting help for mental health concerns, especially since Malia White secretly took a photo to send to Captain Sandy and never fessed up to doing so. Neither of them demonstrated a shred of compassion for Hannah’s struggle with anxiety. Now, Hannah’s former friend, Kate Chastain, is speaking out about the drama. And, not surprisingly, she’s not on Hannah’s side here.

Below Deck Mediterranean Hannah Ferrier

On the latest episode of Below Deck Mediterranean, we said goodbye to a long-time cast staple, Hannah Ferrier. The whole thing was messy, unnecessary and quite frankly, not cool.

It was bad enough that Hannah was ratted out by Bosun Malia White for alleged Valium use. Malia went to great lengths to call “narcotics” when she told on Hannah to Captain Sandy Yawn. What made it even worse was Captain Sandy’s reaction to Hannah when she decided to leave. Hannah was understandably upset and didn’t want to coddle Sandy for her feelings on firing her. Which didn’t go over well with Sandy and led to Sandy gaslighting Hannah for her own feelings on the matter.

Below Deck Mediterranean's Hannah Ferrier Still In Touch With Charter Guest Jason; Blasts Crew For Reading Their Texts

The fallout continues! On this week’s episode of Below Deck Mediterranean, we saw the unwarranted dismissal of Chief Stew, Hannah Ferrier. I don’t think I’ve ever seen fans this mad over anything that happened on Below Deck Med. Not even when fan favorite, Kiko Lorran was fired for one bad night.

Social media is reacting big time. While Bosun Malia White, the snake responsible for Hannah’s dismissal, continues to make excuses for herself, Hannah’s fellow castmates have come to her defense on the matter. And now that the episode has aired, Hannah is coming out with her feelings on what went down.

Below Deck Mediterranean Hannah Ferrier

Below Deck Mediterranean is on tonight! We’ll finally see the fallout of Malia White turning against Hannah Ferrier. But here’s the thing, did Malia report Hannah for prescription medication because it was “her job”? Or because Malia was petulant about Hannah and Bugsy Drake not immediately offering to switch cabins to accommodate her personal whims?

One might say the latter, but it isn’t Malia who runs the boat. That esteemed honor is held by Captain Sandy YawnBelow Deck Med fans highly anticipated a season of female empowerment but we’ve sadly fallen into an abyss of tattling, playing favorites, and public humiliation. Now Hannah responds to fans calling Malia a “snake” and if this new label is accurate. Spoiler alert, it totally is.

Below Deck Mediterranean recap

There was a mutiny of sorts on Below Deck Mediterranean.  It wasn’t Captain Sandy Yawn who was the target, but Chief Stew Hannah Ferrier.  Love her or hate her, Hannah has been with the show since the first season.  While she comes off abrasive and petty, and puts median effort into her job, Hannah should not have been the victim of the conveniently-timed attempt to overthrow her.  Though, without question, Bugsy Drake makes the better Chief Stew.

Fans called out bosun Malia White for her role in exposing Hannah’s reliance on prescription anxiety medication during the most recent episode Captain Sandy’s judgment was also called into question.  But what was their level of involvement?  And did they act on their own initiative?

Below Deck Mediterranean Malia White

Below Deck Mediterranean had an incredible opportunity to showcase a groundbreaking season, with females holding the highest-ranking positions on the boat. This is what Helen Reddy prepared us for! Unfortunately, that premise has pretty much been decimated. Bosun Malia White decided to narc on fellow superior, and longtime Chief Stew, Hannah Ferrier. Hannah hasn’t been riding the white pony on the aft deck. She struggles with anxiety and takes meds for the condition.

Thank GOODNESS Malia was there to go through Hannah’s personal bag and set up a wonderful photo op for Captain Sandy Yawn. Thank GOODNESS Malia texted the photo without the courtesy of informing Hannah, in the interest of her hardcore professional virtue. Thank GOODNESS Malia is focused on the best interest of her career instead of being empathetic to her co-worker’s mental health. Social media has come for Malia and she’s being attacked from all sides, but fear not! Malia continues her defense of tattling on someone’s private medical matters. This is why we can’t have nice things.

Captain Lee Rosbach Below Deck

The Below Deck Mediterranean drama spilled over from the most recent episode onto social media. Fans are livid with Malia White for sneaking into the bathroom to take photos of Hannah Ferrier’s prescription medication. They’re also annoyed with Malia for demanding that everyone on the boat switches up their living situations for the final two weeks of the season because her boyfriend Tom Checketts stepped in as the chef after our beloved Kiko Lorran was fired. And Malia had the nerve to call Hannah “unprofessional” because she couldn’t sleep without her boyfriend for two weeks. Meanwhile, Bugsy Drake didn’t want to live with Hannah either.

However, Captain Sandy Yawn just sided with teacher’s pet Malia and her man Tom, making an announcement on the radio that Malia will get her way with the cabin arrangements- even though it’s HANNAH’S JOB to assign cabins. Meanwhile, it got completely glossed over that Tom was “on his way to visit a sick family member,” just happened to have his knives with him, and Kiko just happened to be fired. Now, Tom is sticking around for the rest of the season.