Peter Thomas Casting For A Spinoff Reality Show! Plus, Real Housewives Of Atlanta Still Filming?

peter thomas celebrates birthday and temporary bar one closing

Peter Thomas will never give up his quest for reality television relevance! The man who wishes more than anything on earth to hold his very own Real Housewives Of Atlanta peach is dealing with rejection by going forward to get his own spinoff show!

In the past Peter has expressed a desire to have a spinoff that chronicles his restaurants similar to Lisa Vanderpump‘s spinoff Vanderpump Rules. Unfortunately the difference is, other than Lisa being inherently likable, is that Lisa is able to keep a business OPEN and run it successfully. Peter, on the other hand, is routinely closing failed businesses and opening new ones! Such as the case with his newest venture Sports One, a sports bar and grill in Charlotte, NC which Peter opened with Kordell Stewart

Peter and Cynthia Bailey recently posted casting notices for a new Sports One centered reality show on instagram. 


“Do you have a personality that will light up the screen? Be sure to attend @peterthomasrhoa’s casting call THIS THURSDAY, January 15 from noon-5pm at @sportsoneclt. Serious inquiries only,” Cynthia announced. “AG SOMEONE IN THE COMMENTS SECTION WHO WOULD BE GREAT FOR THIS. #BuildingBarOne” By building Bar One does she mean they actually need volunteers to come and do the grunt labor? #BROKE Payday Loan Peter is about to be renamed He by HeBroke. 


peter thomas casting for spinoff based on Sports One restaurant which he owns with Kordell Stewart.

Peter himself advertised, “You think you got what it takes to exist in my reality? Do you have a personality that will light up the screen? Are you ready for prime time? Come out to my casting call THIS THURSDAY to show me and my casting crew what you’re made of.”  Uhhhh… why isn’t KORDELL’s face included on the flyer? I mean let’s be real SLASH is much more famous than Peter, whose claim to fame is sucking on his wife’s peach! And sucking it dry to the pit. 

Peter has teased about filming reality TV show there, and on this season’s RHOA we’ll see Cynthia and Kenya Moore attending the opening. Peter’s Atlanta establishment Bar One remains closed as Peter and his silent partner Cynthia deal with moving the venue and re-opening in a different location. That reopening was supposed to happen this month. We’re still waiting… Meanwhile, Peter’s business carries a large amount of debt related to a denied Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing

Why do I have a feeling Todd Tucker‘s production company will have a role in producing this show IF it ever gets made. Or many Kenya and Todd can fight over producing this and that can be next season’s storyline! How juicy! (Pun intended). 

Well good luck with that Peachter. And if you happen to be in the area and swing by the casting or have any additional information on this show please, do let us know. We will be ever so grateful. Email [email protected] if you have any info! 

Moving on TamaraTattles is revealing that RHOA has decided to re-open filming to create closure for some issues. The editing is a little odd this season and it seems we’re missing some backstory on a few things – mostly surrounding Phaedra Parks. Such as where did her sudden hatred and animosity for Demetria McKinney come from?! 

A couple of episodes ago Phaedra was seen meeting with contractors to erect a security wall around her house to keep out paparazzi and Apollo. Despite the fact that we saw that recently, Tamara reveals that scene was actually one of the final things shot for this season, filmed right before Apollo Nida left for prison. (BTW: That fence was never built because the neighborhood association blocked it). 

Last week some RHOA post-production went into effect to film a scene with Phaedra and Porsha Williams to wrap-up unfinished business. Tamara’s source shares that a [hopefully legally able to drive] Porsha arrived at Phaedra’s house in the ROLLS she has to sell, where the film crew, along with hair and makeup people were assembled so Phaedra could “say things to tie together her storyline.” And probably re-tell a story or discuss an event with Porsha. 

Now, filming went loooong this season and probably the last thing filmed was the last-minute trip the cast took to the Philippines. Puerto Rico was supposed to be the official cast trip, because several of the ladies had other commitments and couldn’t make the customary big splashy trip RHOA usually takes. Philippines was scheduled to try and unify the very fractured cast and bring some closure. On that trip, Phaedra and Kenya reportedly finally sit-down, talk, make amends, and apologize to each other. NeNe skipped that trip. There weren’t really any reports of drama (go figure – no NeNe) and in photos all the ladies appear at ease. 

TamaraTattles believes the recently filmed footage with Phaedra and Porsha will be Phaedra talking about Apollo’s incarceration and her decision to file for divorce. That may tie into Phaedra making amends, however tepid they may be, with Kenya. I’m guessing Phaedra was supposed to film these scenes with Kandi Burruss, but she’s had so much going on with Todd’s mother’s death and professional obligations that they subbed in ‘extra’ Porsha instead. Kandi would be a natural choice because she is close with both Phaedra and Apollo, and also because as a “neutral” she has been pushing for Kenya and Phaedra to talk it out for a while. Porsha on the other hand has been running around continuing her crusade about how much Kenya sucks. Takes one to know one! 

Additionally Kenya recently hosted an event at STK Atlanta which was attended by her buddies: Cynthia and Claudia Jordan. Also attending that event was NeNe Leakes defector Marlo Hampton! I also wonder if this is some sort of a Celebrity Apprentice premiere screening party.

Photos below – oddly these photos were on instagram and have now been removed. Hmmmm… Tamara believes that event was also filmed. It’s been a very divisive season so far, so it’d be nice to see some unity and peace-making between the cast. 


[All Photo Credits: Instagram]

kenya moore post-production RHOA event at STK; Claudia Jordan & Cynthia Bailey

marlo hampton attends a party for Kenya Moore

It’s Marlo – wearing a coat that looks like a bedazzled condom. 

kenya moore party with lawrence, claudia, and marlo - RHOA