Erika Girardi Dishes On Yolanda Foster, Bethenny Frankel, Lisa Vanderpump, And More On Watch What Happens Live

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills newcomer Erika Girardi and American Horror Story: Hotel star Cheyenne Jackson were Andy Cohen‘s guests on Watch What Happens Live last night. Erika opened up about her marriage, her thoughts on the drama surrounding Yolanda Foster‘s health journey, her upcoming dinner party with Bethenny Frankel, and more.

When asked if she’s enjoying being a real housewife, Erika shares, “I’ve had a great time.” Andy asks how her lawyer husband, Tom Girardi, feels about the show. “He’s so supportive,” gushes Erika. “I really have nothing negative to say. Everything is okay.” Andy quips, “Well, you’re only four weeks into it.”


Andy asks Erika to weigh in on David Foster snickering “toothless, boobless, brainless wonder … just exactly what I married” about Yolanda on their way to Ohio. She stumbles over her words for a few seconds, then says, “Listen, it’s a marriage. They’re very special to me. I’m going to pass on giving my opinion.”

Erika Jayne Can You Explain –

Why two private planes? “Because one is small and one is big.”

Does Erika ask Tom to play Erin Brockovich for sexy time? “No.”

What does Erika’s 23-year-old son think of Erika Jayne? “He loves her.”

Would Erika ever collaborate with Sonja Morgan on Caberlesque? “I like Caberlesque. Art is all encompassing.”

Has Erika’s husband ever been mistaken for her father? “When I was in my twenties, yes. Now that I’m in my forties, no.”

Which Erika does Tom like more? “I think he is over both of them. <ha ha> I don’t know – just regular Erika Girardi.”

Erika meets Bethenny next week. After watching the extended preview, Erika shares, “I was a little overwhelmed. I was a little like, ‘Woah. Wait, what’s going on? I thought we were having dinner!'” When Andy asked if she watches Real Housewives of New York, Erika says no. She admits she never watched any Real Housewives until she got the job.

Has Erika met Kim Richards and Brandi Glanville via Yolanda? “I’ve met Kim twice. She was very nice and polite. I’ve met Brandi once. She was very cool.”

Erika maintains that Yolanda has Lyme disease. About her co-stars gossip, she says, “What’s great now is that they’ve had time to really see what’s really going on and they’ve accepted the truth, which is she has Lyme disease.”

A viewer asks Erika about Lisa Vanderpump‘s digs at her marriage. “I’m not surprised,” she says. “People have been saying this [stuff] to me for 16 years. It’s fine. It’s par for the course.” Erika says comments about the age difference only bothered her when she was younger. “You get used to it after a while.”

When asked what “work” she has had done, Erika jokes, “Just as much as the rest of girls on the show.” She admits to Botox, fillers, boobs, and a nose job.

A caller wants to know if Erika believes Lisa Rinna‘s mention of Munchausen syndrome was ill-intentioned. “I do not know if it was ill-intentioned,” says Erika. “I think people didn’t understand quite the severity of Yolanda‘s condition and I think that they figured that out now.”

“It hurts,” continues Erika. “Someone is really suffering and someone is really sick and it’s not fair to say that they’re making it up. It’s just not OK.”

Andy asks Erika why she’s not wearing a wedding ring. “My husband doesn’t wear a wedding band,” she says. “He said to me, ‘Hey, E, I will buy you anything you want but don’t ever ask me to wear a wedding band.’ I said OK. I do wear it sometimes and sometimes I don’t.”

Other than Yolanda, which RHOBH co-star does Erika like best? “I like them all for different reasons. Eileen is really sweet, Rinna is hilarious, and you have to love Lisa Vanderpump for her over-the-top fabulousness.”

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